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Keilani Buswell @Keeping_up_with_kvb

Keilani Buswell



It is an honor to present from the United States, the beauty and talent of Keilani Buswell, Model, Beauty Queen, Ms. Culture Galaxy 2023 – Ms. USA Culture Galaxy – Ms. Curve United States Regency International 2022 – Ms. Curve Washington Regency International 2020/2021 – Miss Washington Regency International 2019 – Miss Washington Royalty International. Keilani gives me a wonderful interview and it is a privilege to have her great energy, nobility, joy and transparent personality in Perumira.

Welcome Keilani Buswell!!!!



1.- Keilani, you were born in USA, what do you like about your hometown in USA?

*** I was fortunate to grow up between Washington State and Maui, Hawai’i. Both places have so much to offer and really can cater to anyone. If you fancy a specific scenery, they have it. If you desire diversity with culture and food, they have it. As I grew older, I’ve had the opportunity to travel from coast to coast and a few places in-between, and although each place had their own charm, the food and scenery has been like no other in both my home states. I do have to admit though, Alaska took a high spot in my heart, as it was a place that called me to eventually make it my new home in the future. The views were just as breath taking and I loved the energy and isolation Alaska had to offer.


2.- What are your hobbies? What makes you laugh a lot or does it give you a lot of joy?

*** I love anything outdoors and even indoors from hiking, kayaking, exhibits, and shows. I even love “ghost towns” and places that have so much history. I also love any opportunity I get to experience wildlife. Living in Hawai’i, I went snorkeling a lot and encountered many different species of fish, sea turtles and even reef sharks. I did have the chance to meet a Manta Ray and Hammer Head when I geared up to jump in the same tank with them in Oahu and it was such an amazing moment. The Manta Ray loved that I was feeding him, but the Hammer Head was very curious about me. I remember not feeling fear when he approached me. I recall being confused on which eye to look at him in since when we came face to face, I felt like I was staring at his forehead. In my younger years, I also enjoyed skydiving and plan on doing a Halo jump in the future which will allow me to see the curvature of the earth while falling from the atmosphere.

*** Some of the things that make me laugh or bring me joy are food, line dancing, being absolutely goofy, dad jokes, comedy movies and different types of shows.



3.- Model, Beauty Queen, Ms. Culture Galaxy 2023 – Ms. USA Culture Galaxy – Ms. Curve United States Regency International 2022 – Ms. Curve Washington Regency International 2020/2021 – Miss Washington Regency International 2019 – Miss Washington Royalty International, when do you decide to take your first steps as a model and beauty pageants? What feeling do you have achieving your dreams, your passions and being a recognized influencer woman today?

 **** I actually fell into pageantry by a leap of faith. I was working at a bridal store in Maui and we always hosted fashion shows and needed models. My boss at the time knew the director of Miss Maui USA and he would bring the ladies to come model for us. One day he came in to talk to her while I was there and asked me “have you ever thought about being in a pageant”? I chuckled and quickly replied no. He explained that at no cost, I should come by rehearsal to see what it’s about. Sure enough, it felt familiar since I too walked in our fashion shows. I decided to give it a shot and didn’t mind it, although I did not think I would compete again. When I moved back to Washington in 2014, I started to wonder what the pageant scene was like here, so I contacted Miss Washington USA where I had an amazing year of out-reach and developing myself. At the time, I just went through the motions to see what would happen. It was full of memories and growth but after competing for them, I did not feel that it was a system for me, so I looked into other systems. There were so many out there, but they led me to find my own voice and taught me how to listen and understand my community in order to be their voice and the best representative that I could be.

*** I honestly did not know where this journey would lead me, but the more I revamped myself and my ideas throughout the years of competing, things started to fall more into place. I did not imagine life would have provided the opportunity where I’ve been able to serve my community on a multitude of levels, become the best version of myself, travel and meet extraordinary women from not only across the nation, but across the world. Although I have accomplished a lot of things in my life, I know my life is just beginning. Growing up for me wasn’t always easy, but with reflection I was able to recognize all the obstacles I’ve overcame. Now I strive to use my story to inspire others to speak out, chase their dreams and redefine their journey because we are not defined by the negative; we are warriors who have been through similar battles.


4.- What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Keilani in each activity carried out as a person and model?

*** This may seem cliché, but it’s truly being me. I have so many layers to who I am and I am not afraid or ashamed to show it. I started my own platform called “Breaking Boundaries by Beauty” which is all about owning what you been through, who you are and where you plan on seeing yourself years down the line. I’ve had a lot of hardships occur during my life, but remembering my strengths and what I have to offer, it allowed me to transfer that energy into more positive activities and give back to my community. I do not regret the hardships I’ve endured because it permitted me to assist my community in a comfortable, trusting and neutral light where people have become inspired and motivated when it came to their own lives.



5.- What’s is the main virtue that any woman must have to be an international model?

*** I would say any woman stepping into this realm should always remember what she brings to the table, find what makes her confident, and show off her personality and strengths. This industry is not for the faint of heart, but the reward is what makes the journey worth it. She should remain humble and open to new experiences, because that will help maximize her modeling and pageant career. Additionally, she should be able to study, retain, listen and adapt. I’ve had to rediscover and change myself numerous times in order to blossom into the woman I am today. I took the time to study the successful, listen to the critics and sorted out the information that would allow me to flourish. I adapted the changes I needed in order to advance my skill set. You cannot move forward if you do not take a step. By taking a step, you are taking a chance, a risk and the motions you need in order to get to the top of your ladder. Lastly, remember success is not defined by the amount of money you’ve acquired, but by the number of goals achieved and the memories you made. Those items are things that money cannot buy, so soak in every moment as it will go by fast.


6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls and teenagers?

*** It is very important. The power of my voice and influence is what inspires and motivates others. I’m a strong believer that younger audiences hold their “idols” to heart and run with what stood out to them.  What they see, hear and witness through their idols’ actions influence their own adventures. I feel that sometimes influencers forget who’s listening and watching, which is why I’m adamant about living in the light of my faith and good practices.


7.- What was your feeling the first time you modeled in front of a video camera? What did you feel the first time at a beauty pageant?

*** I was super nervous about being in front of a camera because I was very inexperienced and actually quite shy. Over time I became comfortable as I learned how to pose, move and display different facial expressions. After practicing different techniques, I ended up with the opportunity to model for several fashion shows, collaborating with photographers across the United States which granted me award winning headshots. This helped when it came to my pageant career. As for the first time being on a pageant stage, I recall almost backing out because I couldn’t figure out why I wanted to subject myself to an audience, especially in a swimsuit. I was bigger than everyone else that I started to question my self-worth and if I really belonged at the pageant. After having a serious talk with myself, I was reminded that I committed to this experience, now see it through. Besides, what did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing! I knew who I was, and if I didn’t want to sign up again, I didn’t have to. Quite truthfully, it was so challenging that I never thought I would have competed again. After ten years of consecutively competing, I am finishing my reign as not only a national titleholder, but an international titleholder.



8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

*** I feel that social media can be used as a positive or negative platform. What you post and discuss can affect the perception of your followers. Some people will crumble at negative notions about them, while other will absorbed the praises. The opinions of your followers can make or break your career. Having the appropriate audience is important, especially when getting into modeling and pageantry, since all eyes are on you and you’re a representative for your agency or system. The power of social media ties into how you influence others, so from a career stand point, you need to remember what your message is, how you want to represent it, and how it will affect your vision.  


9.- How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? What’s your favorite social media?

*** I think my favorite social media platform is Tiktok, although I am active on Facebook and Instagram as well. Tiktok really challenged my creativity when it came to content for active engagement since viewers at this time enjoy videos versus reading someone’s posts. I found that brainstorming the idea, editing, music selection, etc. is time consuming but worth it at the end. When engaging with followers, I keep in mind what’s trending, how to make it unique, what my message is and anything else that will help appeal to someone’s interest in my post. At one point, I made cooking videos called “Crown to Knife” and I allowed viewers to get to know me in a different way. I also made a video showing my weird obsession with hats, specifically ball caps and trucker hats. I currently own eighteen hats and my collection is still growing. I feel that authentically putting myself out there allowed people to feel more connected to me and helped them remember that no matter how many titles I’ve captured or the experiences I’ve been able to achieve, I’m still just a person who they walk past in a grocery store.  


10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?

*** I actually love this question because when I first started my career, a lot of people who were close to me didn’t think I was serious, thought it was a phase and even showed signs that they thought I was joking. I made the choice to ignore their negativity, I pushed through it because I had my mind set and knew I could achieve it. After gaining success, that’s when their approval and respect for my dream was granted. You should not allow others to define your adventure. It’s up to you to pursue it. If you allow others to dictate your life, you will miss open doors that may eventually close and not reopen. Walk through every doorframe you can, because sometimes those lead you on the path that you’re destined to be on, or you will learn and gain new skill sets that you didn’t know you needed. I’ve learned a lot over my pageant and modeling career. I came to the realization how those skill sets actually helped me in my everyday life. For example, I learned how to interview and speak in front of people, which made me efficient when it came to interviewing for jobs and programs. It also allowed me the opportunity to spread my platform on a grander scale because I was invited to be a guest speaker at several different functions over the years. All this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t push myself and more importantly, ignore the non-believers.



11.- What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion and beauty pageants?

*** I’ve learned so many lessons. The biggest one being is “it’s the journey lived that makes it worth more than gold”. At the end of the day, you could walk into a new opportunity and already not be what the judges or client is looking for and that’s okay. If you allowed yourself to close the door without having the possibility, you may never know what it could have been. I’m a strong believer that when one door closes, another opens and sometimes that particular place is not your home. I also believe that God has a plan and it’s all within timing. Sometimes that moment in your life is not the right time, but with persistence, resilience and determination, that opportunity will open up to you too. It took me ten years to finally become an international titleholder after not placing several times, to being a runner up, to a national titleholder and finally listening to that last call when I was at my end. I finally got that chance to represent on a scale I didn’t know was truly in my plan. I can honestly say, I felt so ready and prepared after all those years. Being called in the top 5 and even being so close not once but several times to the overall title, but not winning, challenged my mental health and my willingness to continue to move forward. In the long run, I always leaned into the positive from the overall experience and told myself “That’s okay, I’ll work harder, I’ll practice until I’m satisfied with my routine and I will challenge myself to XYZ”, and I followed through with my promise.  Finally, after committing myself time and time again, I finally heard my name being called as the overall winner. The journey was long, exhausting and questionable, but I made it happen.


12.- Keilani, being a model for you has been easy? Were there obstacles? How did you overcome obstacles?

*** I would say the overall experience was not easy and it took a lot of self-reflecting in order to get to where I am today. I faced a lot of self-image issues and most people don’t know when I went to all my opportunities, I solely was on my own. I relied on meeting new people, whether they were with the pageant, or people I met exploring the area. I remember talking to someone and they asked me where my family was, and I remember telling them I was by myself. Their whole energy shifted like “oh…” because to most people that was not normal. They then asked “well are your friends at least with you”? I replied “nope, again I’m by myself”. That’s when they continued to ask about how I felt about being solo and who helps me haul my pageant luggage around. I explained to them that I do. It was lonely at first, but after a few times, I got very used to it and it allowed me the flexibility to venture out on my own without coordinating with someone else. It also became very peaceful and humbled me as a traveler.



13.- Have you thought about being an actress? Do you like the entertainment industry?

*** Fun fact, I actually did some modeling and acting when I was in my early twenties. I landed gigs throughout Washington State and even Los Angeles, California. It was definitely a very fun point of my life, but I did not like the requirements I had to meet, such as height, weight, body size, hair color, etc. I was very limited with opportunities because I did not naturally meet requirements and I have tattoos that represent my heritage. At the time, they had full control of your identity and it tested your limits to see how far one was willing to go. This was also during a time where diversity was just about to break those standards a few years later. Although I still see it throughout the industry today, the industry is becoming more lenient about their wants and needs. I do believe what is currently being depicted through the media, there is still room for improvement but we as a nation are moving forward to being all-inclusive.


14.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

*** Women play a very important role when it comes to our society. I believe women can be the glue to many situations. We as women offer different fundamental skill sets when comes to the field, but also because of our nature, we’re more understanding, determined, strong and we’re great when it comes to problem solving. Back in the olden days, women were silenced and forced to remain home, while some men thought less of us. We observed, listened, figured out how to get through each day, juggled schedules, took care of kids, etc. and I feel like this prepared us for the society we currently live in. The skills that women were taught then and passed down throughout the generations helped pave the way to us exceling in today’s life. I also feel that the appreciation and respect for a woman is still diminished even to this day. Women’s bodies go through some amazing yet horrific things when preparing to provide life to another, and when asking a man if they could confidently handle kids at home, or go through the birthing process, they can never find something that accurately describes those situations. They handle stress differently than a woman does. So, when it comes to women, I feel that we should be grateful and appreciate the sacrifices and strength they need to bare when dealing with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual events not only at home but in our current societies as well.



15.- Keilani, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for every day?

*** I’m grateful for everyone who supported my dreams from the start, the people who pushed me to keep going and reminding me how capable I am. I’m blessed for every opportunity I have been presented with, and I am inspired by how far I have come. Going through all of the things I have, humbled me and reminded me that there will always be someone in darker and lonelier shadows. Take the life lessons you have learned, and use them to become someone else’s light because they too may feel just as alone as you once did. I’m also fortunate for all the volunteers and services that were available to me, so that I could get my life back on track and live it to the fullest despite anything that was thrown at me.


16.- Keilani, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from USA?

*** I absolutely love traveling. I haven’t been able to venture much, but over the last few years I made new connections around the world, and quite frankly, I would love to see the whole thing! There is beauty in every place, and there are lessons to be learned. I absolutely love being able to walk with the locals because it allows me to become more rounded and I gain a level of understanding when I’m amongst them. As far as the US, I’ve really enjoyed my time in Hawai’i because I felt closer to my heritage, my ancestors and the land. Hawai’i also has many different things to offer, and each island is vastly different with different energies. I also enjoyed Texas for the couple days I was there, because growing up as a country girl, it almost felt like being home with that Texas spin on it. There was also something magical about the fireflies at night in Indiana, or being at their park in the summer, listening to Blues music while my auntie and I dance the time away. Lastly, it might be a little biased, but Washington State is truly the land of everything as well; to the mountains, coast lines, history and even all the diversity Washington has to offer, this place can cater to anyone’s desires. Most people don’t know that Washington also has desert areas on one side, but on the other has a rainforest. There’s something so blissful about listening to Mother Nature’s calling, to eating US authentic foods from different cultures who came here to live the “American Dream”.



17.- You and me (Jaime William) are going to play ping pong, I will tell you one word and you will answer with another word that comes to your mind.

– Marriage- Commitment

– Children- Germy

– Love- Blinding

– USA- Diverse

– Travel- Humbling

– Abortion- Choice

– Dance- Expression

– Sing- Moving

– Europe- Intriguing

– America- Freedom

– Sport- Hobby

– Money- Slaved

– Parents- Teachers

– Dreams- Universe

– Passion- Drive

– Madness Percentage- Basketball

– Character- Role


18.- Keilani, your last words or final tips…

*** My final words would be, always trust, believe and push yourself. Timing is a virtue when it comes to life, and sometimes we don’t understand why it’s not now, but the message may become clearer with perspective. Do not hold yourself back because before there was anyone else in your life, there was just you, and after those people leave there will still be you. The sky is not the limit, because there’s a universe past it and a thousand stars to explore too. Always balance yourself between work and pleasure. Don’t allow time to slip away without smelling the details in the roses because sometimes a rose doesn’t just smell like a rose. Remember that variations may be small, but even the smallest change is what makes it unique. You are your own author who writes your own story, so how do you plan to write your next chapters? What are you wanting to project to your audience now or even when you leave this earth? How do you want to be remembered?








Keilani Buswell

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