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Welcome to a journey of style, life and flavor with the lovely Giselle Lelux, a leading figure in the world of blogging and digital influencing! Originally from the vibrant city of Tijuana, Mexico, Giselle embodies the passion and vibrancy of her homeland through her work as a Fashion, Lifestyle and Foodie Blogger & Influencer. In the colorful and flavorful streets of Tijuana, she found her muse, and has since delighted her followers with a visual and sensory feast that fuses fashion, lifestyle and gastronomy in a unique and exciting way.

With each publication, Giselle transports us to a world where fashion is not just an external expression, but a reflection of the soul. Her ability to combine bold trends with touches of classic elegance has made her a source of inspiration for thousands of followers around the world. From the cosmopolitan streets of Tijuana to the most exclusive runways, Giselle leaves her mark with a distinctive style that elicits admiration and creativity in equal measure.

But her influence goes beyond fashion; Giselle is also a tireless explorer of lifestyle and gastronomy. Through her curious lens and discerning palate, she invites us to discover the most delicious and surprising corners of the world. Each dish he shares is a culinary masterpiece, each gastronomic experience an adventure that awakens the senses and nourishes the soul.

In this exclusive interview, we’ll dive into Giselle Lelux’s multifaceted world, from her inspirations and challenges to her most memorable moments in the blogging and digital influencer industry. We’ll discover the secrets behind her unique style, explore her favorite places in the world, and be tempted by her irresistible culinary recommendations.

Get ready for a fascinating experience full of style, passion and flavor as we delve into the universe of Giselle Lelux, a true ambassador of good taste and the enjoyment of life in all its forms. Let the adventure begin!



1.- Giselle, tell me about the city where you were born and raised. ,What doyou like about your hometown?

I was born and raised in the booming city of Tijuana, Mexico. One of my favorite things about growing up in Tijuana has to be the people, everyone in Mexico is always so warm and welcoming and truly make you feel like family. My second favorite part about my hometown has to be the food. Tijuana has a huge taco scene and the street food is superior.


2.- What are your hobbies? what makes you laugh a lot or gives you joy?

I love to discover new places and experience new things. One constant thing that I really enjoy is my Yoga practice and how doing yoga can ground you and take you back to your center, regardless of where you are.


3.- How did you first become interested in combining food and fashion in your content?

I have always been interested in fashion and art from a young age. If you ask me fashion is an extension of art so it only makes sense that as an art lover I would apply art to my every day, making each outfit an opportunity to flex my art muscle.

Combining food with fashion really came natural to me, I always tell people, I dress the way I dress every day, regardless of the occasion.


4.- What inspired you to start sharing your passion for both food and fashion on social media?

I have always been very connected on social media and in many ways started my career through social media. I had taken a break from posting online and during COVID decided to start posting again to help bring awareness to the businesses that had stayed open during the pandemic. 



5.- What are some of the challenges you face when creating content that merges food and fashion, and how do you overcome them?

There is a lot of negativity when it comes to content creators, both from people who think it’s “silly” or “trying too hard” and also from other creators who are quick to point out similarities to their content or things that they think you should or should not do.

All of the above are hurtful in one way or another, but i always tell aspiring creators to find a way to observe the negativity, listen to it for a split second and move on without letting that negativity take away from your drive or inspiration.xw


6.- How do you incorporate trends in both food and fashion into your content while still staying true to your personal style and taste?

Social media trends are what keeps posting on social media fun and exciting, so I find it very easy to hop on trending sounds and incorporate new trends into my content.


7.- Can you share some tips for creating visually appealing and engaging food and fashion content for social media?

I have so many tips! So many I wrote a whole book about it (The Influencer’s Handbook!). At the core I would think about what you find interesting and fun and make sure what you are creating is interesting and fun. If you don’t find what you are doing interesting or are not having fun odds are it is going to show in your content. Don’t let fear stop you from going all out!


8.- What role do your followers play in shaping the content you create? How do you engage with your community to keep them interested and involved?

I take a close look at my engagement for each post and also read every reply, comment and message I get. If I am not getting any feedback, that’s my sign to switch things up!



9.- Have you discovered any unexpected parallels between the worlds of foodand fashion through your content creation journey?

They are both in many ways art.


10.- Are there any particular cuisines or culinary styles that you find particularly inspiring for your fashion choices, or vice versa?

I love bold flavors and I love bold fashion. Never been a plain gal in both arenas.


11.- – How do you stay up-to-date with the latest food and fashion trends, and how do you incorporate them into your content?

I love to looking at what other creators are posting and also at what is trending on all platforms for inspiration!


12.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?

Do not let fear stop you from doing what you love. When I first started my career, nobody understood what I was trying to do, including my parents. It is scary at first but the more you do something, the less scary it becomes.



13.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

Women have the power to change the world. I work on a daily basis with such powerful women! I’ll be honest and say that from time to time I do hit the inevitable cliche that values a man’s opinion more than mine, but that’s their loss.


14.- Giselle, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for everyday?

I am so grateful for my friends, family and of course my sweet baby charlie dog! I love being able to use my platform to allow my loved ones to live experiences they would have never imagined. This is one of my biggest drivers!


15.- Giselle, What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from your country?

Let’s see, I have visited countries in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.. I would love to travel to South America next and explore Peru!


16.- You and me (Jaime William) are going to play ping pong, I will tell you one word and you will answer with another word that comes to your mind.


– Marriage – Love

– Childrens – Cute

– Love – Story

– Travel – Paris

– Dance – like nobody’s watching

– Sing – Love

– Europe – Love

– America – America (in soccer chant)

– Sport – Soccer

– Money – Honey

– Parents – My mom

– Dreams – Always

– Passion – My driver

– Madness Percentage – High

– Character – Vibing


17.- Giselle, your last words or final tips

It is such a cliche, but dream big. Don’t let fear stop you from putting yourself out there and working towards what you love.





Giselle Lelux

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