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Welcome to Perumira Global Talent Magazine, a space where information, entertainment and opportunities for organizations and entrepreneurs converge. Let us guide you through the publication rates for advertorials, press and events in our media.

What is Perumira Global Talent Magazine?

Perumira Global Talent Magazine is an online media with 10 years of experience dedicated to companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world. It was born from the need to give voice and presence also to groups in our environment. We want Perumira Magazine to be a useful and entertaining informative meeting, where relevant topics for this sector are addressed.

Content and Audience

In our digital pages, you will find information related to the world of marketing, entertainment, grants, current news, events, business agenda and more. We conduct interviews with talents, businessmen, freelancers and entrepreneurs, and present reports of interest to all business sectors.

Team and Commitment

We have a team of journalists, ambassadors, photographers, designers and marketing experts. We are committed to this project and eager to provide you with a quality news experience.


Advertising Formats

If you wish to promote your company, brand, products or services in our digital magazine, we offer the following advertising formats:


Complete personal advertorial:

Includes story + entrepreneurship + embedded video and social networks. Permanent publication.

USD 300.00 (three hundred american dollars)


Advertorial educational institution – banking – real estate :

Includes company history, founders, social networks and embedded video. Permanent publication.

USD 350.00 (three hundred U.S. dollars)


Political advertorial:

Biography + political party + social networks + video embed. Permanent publication.

USD 400.00 (four hundred U.S. dollars)



Business and political written notes:

USD 200.00 (two hundred U.S. dollars)



Only accepted in our right sidebar in first position in size 300 x 600 pxls.

USD 100.00 (one hundred american dollars per month)



Only accepted in our right sidebar in second position in size 300 x 600 pxls

USD 70.00 (seventy american dollars per month)



Contact : [email protected]

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