Woman of the Year Awards

The PMD Global Talent Women of the Year Awards recognize women who have made great strides in their respective fields, whether in science, technology, politics, culture, sports, education, justice, the environment, human rights, among others. In addition, these women are often a role model for other women and an inspiration for the next generation of female leaders.


Open Award:

October 04, 2024

Closed Award:

December 20, 2024

Announcement of winners:

February 2025


1.- Connect by email/nominate

If you want to nominate the Woman of the Year 2024, just send us an email to: [email protected] and add the following information:

Subject : Nominee’s Name and Category

Text of the email : Nominee’s biography, experience, social media, website and their contribution this year.


2.- Methodology


2.1- Identifying the Nominees

At Perumira Global Talent, we are dedicated to rewarding the best and greatest talents and professionals in their category. Thanks to our exclusive interviews, we are up to date on industry trends and news, and our honorees are evaluated based on their merits and we take the time to conduct exhaustive research.

This approach ensures that awardees are rewarded for excellence in their area of expertise and not just because they fit more easily into a select category that often limits their reach.

Perumira Global Talent is the most innovative magazine in its field, where the talent of each guest and nominee is recognized worldwide.


2.2- Research and evaluation

The PMD Perumira Global Talent team conducts extensive research on behalf of each nominee using established criteria and various public domain sources including websites, social media, corporate directories, magazines, press releases, etc.

Some of the factors the team takes into account are (among others) industry knowledge, industry experience, profile, significant recognitions and achievements, client testimonials and recommendations, industry recognition and reputation, demonstrated innovation, history and establishment, extracurricular activities, etc.


2.3- Informing the winners

Our winners will be notified prior to any announcement on the Perumira Global Talent & Miss Global Talent platform.

During this time, our team works closely with the winners to coordinate the best marketing strategies for them and to ensure that everyone involved can take full advantage of the spread of the news, both in their communities, communicating to other companies, as well as our external promotion courtesy of Perumira & Miss Global Talent.


2.4- Celebration of the winners

We are pleased to inform you that winning a prize with us has no obligatory cost. As a winner, you will be invited to appear in our A-Z winners directory at no cost, highlighting your achievement to a wider audience.


2.5- Get the most out of your prize

For those who wish to leverage the Perumira Global Talent Magazine and Miss Global Talent platform and our reach of 32,000 members to gain greater industry recognition, we offer additional marketing support through several optional paid packages.

These packages are designed to provide supplemental coverage and promotional resources that can help winners maximize the potential of their award and effectively achieve their goals. Rest assured that participation in these optional packages is entirely at the discretion of the winners.


3.- Products