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“My hobbies are competing in pageants, create contents and engaging creative and artistic endeavours, exploring ideas and knowledge.”


“Having the opportunity to compete in Beauty pageants in Ireland and abroad, it’s amazing. It’s an honor being able to represent my hometown and Brazil, it’s my greatest privilege .”


“When you pursue your passions and hobbies, you are satisfied and at peace with the world, and you will be kinder to others.”


“Knowing and understanding the English language, will facilitate communication at work, giving interviews, travelling and also when participating in international advertising campaigns.”


“To anyone looking to pursue a career, in general, I’d tell them to get resourceful and prioritize their game plan. Yes, if they want to do, encourage them, to do that! Just go for it.”


It is an honor to present from Ireland, the beauty of Veronica Campelo, renowned Actress, International Model, Beauty Queen, Ms Ireland 2022 – Ms Emerald Isle 2020 – Miss Hot Chocolate 2020 – Miss British Isles Elegance 2019.

Veronica is a native of Brazil and her great dedication, discipline and hard work have conquered Ireland, Europe and the world, achieving international recognition.

Welcome Veronica Campelo!!!



1.- Veronica , you were born in Ireland, What do you like about your hometown in Ireland? What are your hobbies?

I was born in Brazil and moved to Ireland in 2012 for study English, so I am here one decade and felling pretty much Irish Myself.  Emerald Isle is a paradise! Every place is incredible. Nature, the paradise like landscapes, the mountains, the double rainbows,  the green all over the land, I love it. There are many pubs and castles & gardens that I much appreciate visiting around Ireland. I like the convenience and modernness of my home town.  I like how the people in my home town are so friendly, I like its cultural atmosphere.  My hobbies are competing in pageants, create contents and engaging creative and artistic endeavours, exploring ideas and knowledge.


2.-  What makes you laugh a lot or does it give you a lot of joy?

Hanging out with my friends and positivite like minded people, doing the things that I love, like, travelling exploring new places, go to the fashion show events, karaoke, clubs.  Watching series, films and novel.  Create digital content.


3.- International Model, Beauty Queen, Currently Ms Ireland  2022 – Ms Emerald Isle 2020 – Miss Hot Chocolate 2020 – Miss British Isles Elegance 2019, When do you decide to take your first steps as a model and beauty pageants? What feeling do you have achieving your dreams, your passions and being a recognized influencer woman today?

Having the opportunity to compete in Beauty pageants in Ireland and abroad, it’s amazing.  It’s an honor being able to represent my hometown and Brazil, it’s my greatest privilege .  It’s just overwhelming and unbelievable to be crowned as a current Ms. Ireland 2022.

 I did my first photo shooting at the age of 6 years old  through a modeling agency in my Country that gave me a participation in a TVShow for kids called ‘Casa Magica’ on the Tv Brazilian Channel, it was amazing experience.  When I was, 13 years old I started taking a modeling course with the Talented Producer  Dilson Stein which is considered one of the greatest agencies for  discovering new models in Brazil. He is recognized worldwide for his great discoveries, including Top Models Gisele Bundchen, then I started to get ready for my first selection convention that took place on the beach of São Vicente in São Paulo, then in 2002 when I was 18 years old, I participated in the selection competition to be a contestant for the “Miss São Bernardo do Campo”  my hometown and I got placed in a very far position, not much luck on my first attempt as Miss. Then I entered pageantry late again, many woman who are seasoned pageant girls have been doing pageants since they were little.

But then I had a big personal relationship break-up, but when I say big, I know it could be a huge relief and life changing opportunity for me. I kinda felt like that relationship was holding me back in many ways so I looked to pageants, knowing that by entering I could focus on myself. Then I decided to enter in a my first modelling competition abroad just after got my business degree in 2019. I applied to get into one of the biggest UK pageant competition called Miss British Isles organization system. This was my first taste of real pageantry in a well-recognized system. I did well, I won First Place, and got what I wanted out of it and then kept focusing on my career.  Aside from winning local and foreign titles, crowns and talent awards, cash prizes, travels, I did a lot of volunteer work, partnership and collaborations for many business and charity organizations all over Ireland to help raise money for good causes.  I have been doing lot’s of appearance in the Fashion Show Events and Important Public Events in Ireland. That’s absolutely awesome to meet so many amazing people and work with them.  As a titleholder and through my experiences, I grew so much as a person every year. I very much attribute my growth as a young adult to pageantry.   

I feel immensely proud of the woman I have become.   When you pursue your passions and hobbies, you are satisfied and at peace with the world, and you will be kinder to others.   You are going to be venturing into uncharted waters in your life, and it can be intimidating. But that is where the magic happens.   Representing Ms. Ireland, My Family & Friends and My Country is a huge thing. It’s about the confidence, you need to have in yourself and the realization from within that this is the purpose of your life. You have to want to make the most of the platform and the opportunity that is given to you.  Winning Ms. Ireland 2022, has presented me with a multitude of new opportunities. I want to enjoy the fruits of this great achievement. I can’t even imagine stopping. Now it’s time to live.



4.- What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Veronica in each activity carried out as a person, actress and model?

I’m very passionate about everything I do, I put my heart and soul into everything. I am very career driven, creative, and disciplined.  I think the most important thing is your mindset & faith, believe in yourself more than anything else so that you can be able to do anything in very successful way, your give your best and you make things happen.  

So I like to take care of my mental health, practice meditation to keep myself grounded and the rest comes naturally.  Self-knowledge is also a hugely important thing to me and is not always a gentle process, although it is essential, After years living in Ireland I understood that it doesn’t matter what title we have or what others think. Being happy and being proud of who you are is up to you. At the end of the day, no one will be happy for me. We are better for ourselves and for the world when we are happy. It is not selfish to take care of well-being. This is the greatest contribution we can make to the world.


5.- Whats is the main virtue that any woman must have to be an internacional model?

If you dream of an international career, whether on the catwalks, on stages or in photo sessions, speaking the universal language is essential and can also make a difference when casting. Knowing and understanding the English language, will facilitate communication at work, giving interviews, travelling and also when participating in international advertising campaigns.   

Now that you have got few tips to become an international model, in addition to taking care of your appearance, focus on your studies and remember that knowledge will open many doors for you in this professional career, the model who dreams of conquering the world also needs to know the world, culture, cinema, politics, gastronomy, music, being a person with content and constantly improving will be crucial for you to be invited to become the face of an international brand. Commitment to oneself, self-discipline, focus, determination, being authentic put your heart into things will ensure things you deserve and work for will come  your way. Everything you work on with excellency even small details will succeed.  


6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls and teenagers? 

 I am actually aware of my position as being a model and how my actions can influence and affect teenagers at these very impressionable stage of their lives. I take great pride in being an idol for these young girls and I feel responsible to behave appropriate so as to be a positive influence for these young girls. I also feel very responsible for what I post on Instagram and Facebook so as to have a positive impact on these teenager girls.  I’m Glad to have my work recognized. I want to inspire them to seek the best, to value their essences and individualities. Each of us has something unique to deliver to the world, and that’s where our strengths lie !

It’s very important for me to empower other women, particularly young women who are still asking themselves if their dreams are even possible.

Being an influential women that empowering other women, to change the world and I am fortunate to be among them, this is something I am grateful for.   Belief in myself,  has really helped me a lot and made me realise that it’s all about believing in yourself.  So, I truly believe that education is important to give you confidence and to acquire life skills, and not just from an academic standpoint. Education is my advocacy too. I want girls, especially, to be educated because it can give them the confidence to take their life and destiny in their own hands, on their own terms.



7.- What was your feeling the first time you modelled in front of a video camera? What did you feel the first time at a beauty pageant?

It always makes my stomach flutter, but it’s a good feeling. I love! Parading on the  cat walking in an event open to the public and full of international people, was a pleasant challenge.  The important is always try to relax, be natural and smile.  


8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

There is plenty of research showing social media’s growing impact on people, communication, and society. The true strength of social media is influence. Social media offers an avenue for people and organization to not only engage with followers & customers, but also influence them with the correct content which assists them with making a decision. The effect of social media does not stop online. It is part of a much bigger scope and although social media may firstly create a certain buzz about a topic, overall the power that it generates will establish word-of-mouth advocacy.  I have many future projects, but my dream is to become a successful model, actress so that I can help and influence other young people to follow their dreams and have more opportunities.


9.- How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? Whats your favorite social media?

Engagement Is Everything, “Human-to-human connections are the heart and soul of business,”  I like to create content for  all my social media platform. I like to interact with my followers through my Stories, Also I have my personal pages on Facebook/Instagram, Tiktok, where I get connect with my public and audience.

I would love to focus on every possible issue that the organisation focuses on, along with my advocacy for women empowerment, relationships and mental health.

Once I understand my social media voice, I started to use that voice loud and clear.  I like to create social media posts that come from a true place. I’m not afraid to be a little wacky, fun, or weird. Remember, I am posting a generic billboard to appeal to the whole world; rather,  I am speaking to my unique audience.

My favourite social media platform is Instagram, the visual content is the best way to connect with your followers, and Instagram focuses solely on a high-end visual experience. With hundreds of millions of daily active users, it is the most effective  platform for engaging with the audiences.



10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?  

These days a lot of youngsters, especially teenagers, are very inspired by the fashion world & acting and they desire to become a part of this field. Some young people want to work as photographers, stylists, make-up artists and photo editors,  while the others with good looks and good physique want to enter the fashion world as models. Experts Agency say that in today’s world the influence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc is so strong that the teenagers want to woo their followers by living and showcasing a high profile glamorous life and in such a scenario what’s better than working as model! Therefore by default modelling has become a very attractive career option for the teenagers as it provides them an easy access to all the glitz and glamour that they want in life!

To anyone looking to pursue a career, in general, I’d tell them to get resourceful and prioritize their game plan. Yes, if they want to do, encourage them, to do that! Just go for it. Do what you do, and also have fun with it. Don’t let anybody judge you for who you are. I think Mom could invest more in young people, we have so many young people with ambitions, dreams and big projects but there are many opportunities, many chances. If they believed more in young people and in their projects, we would achieve much more and  go much further!  I believe that yes, our society is changing, and we need opportunities for young people to be able to give their best and go after good things.

 My tip is to trust your essence. Each one of us are  unique and has something special to convey to the public. That, in this essence, they seek their purposes, something that gives meaning to their journey towards your dreams. Having a strong purpose makes us shine brighter, and I want them all to shine brightly. 


11.- What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion and beauty pageants?

You will make a lot of friendships, from all around the world, competing against you or producing the show, but it will always have that one or two who you really bond with. It’s natural, everyone is out of their comfort zones, under a lot of pressure and stress, having someone there to chill, have a laugh and talk, forget for a moment about competition and stuff, make things more fun and pleasant. There are always a lot of good people, you just need to find them, they will be in your life for a long, long time.

Things I’ve learned along this journey so far:

1° Give yourself grace. There are good days and there are rough days. Sometimes both in the same day. When the checklist doesn’t all get checked, save it for the next day and restarted with refreshed mindset.

2° Remain steadfast in your faith and lean into it in your best and hardest moment. This is where you will regain your strength and confidence when you feel it is lost.

3° Love yourself. When other people try to force their opinions on you, hold onto your beauty in your heart and allow that to shine through to everyone around you. That’s where the true beauty lies.


12.- Veronica , being a model and actress for you has been easy? Were there obstacles?

As a models & actress I have ups and downs during my careers. The life of a model or actress is not easy. You need to work hard days and nights (often in extreme conditions), face dozens of refusals from modelling scouts and harsh critics, have a strict diet, and suffer from muscle pain.

Nowadays, I am freelance model and also I create my content trough Tiktok & Instagram Reels. I Also have my full time day to day job, I work in the retail sector. However, if you dream of becoming a world-famous model, it is never a bad idea to try. Take a risk, and have good luck!

Your portfolio is also your identity in the modelling world so it has to be excessively impressive. A bad portfolio can become an obstacle as it would not allow you to attain the good modelling assignments you desire .



13- How did you overcome obstacles?

When you find yourself face to face with an obstacle logged between you and your passion, you need to trust in yourself that you will prevail. Learning how to deal with challenges takes time, persistence, and a positive attitude. No matter your life situation, the hard times will happen. But, with the right mindset, determination and practice, you will be able to overcome them every time and grow in the process!

Change the narrative, you have an inner voice that is telling you who you are, what you can do, and what you deserve. Sometimes you have split feelings about pursuing your passion. On the one hand, you are grateful for the life you have and content with everything it entails. Or you have a burning desire to pursue your passion and take a risk. Conquer Your Fears.

Avoid the temptation to rationalize keeping things the way they are until you have more experience, more time, and more influence. There will always be something that could be better. If you give into your fears, they will only continue to grow and fester within you.

By living your passion, you will have put your fears in their place. Remember, it is okay to be afraid, it is not okay to allow that fear to stall your efforts. Make A Plan, Know You’re Not Alone,  Ask For Help, Feel Your Feelings, Accept Support, Help Others. Think Big, Positive Mindset,  Don’t Give Up,  Work Smart, Not Hard.


14.- Actress known for “The Racer” (2020)and “Finding Joy” (2018) ? Do you like the entertainment industry?

Having a career in the entertainment industry it’s very gratifying experience.

It was amazing to make some extra cash from something that I love and am extremely passionate about . It was absolutely incredible to take a small part in the movie “The Racer” and The Irish Tv-show “Finding Joy”. So grateful to have  these opportunities and looking forward  to be involved in many other productions in the future.

I can pursue many different avenues in the entertainment industry, and each has its unique benefits. The opportunities for creativity and expression are limitless in the entertainment industry, I love create to content. I have the passion for performing, creating, or producing art of any kind, then this is the perfect field for me. I get to express myself creatively every day and work with others who share the same passion.


15.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

“It can be said that the woman of today has greater autonomy, freedom of expression, as well as emancipated her body, her ideas and positions once suffocated. In other words, the woman of the 21st century is no longer a supporting player to assume a different place in society, with new freedoms, possibilities and responsibilities, giving active voice to their critical sense. People stopped believing in a natural inferiority of women in relation to the male figure in the most different areas of social life, an inferiority that is accepted and assumed many times even by woman.

Women of today handle their duties and chores at home, manage a career outside their home, nurture their children and balance their family lives with their professions. A woman does not only bring competition into the work field but also help in the collaboration of ideas and execute teamwork correctly. They help in bringing a perspective that values an open economy, modern, and social system. The women should fight back to restore their dignified position in society. They should thrive hard to enforce their rights and establish due justice, equality in society and work-hard for total elimination of illiteracy, poverty, dowry-ills and all for effective implementation of all women related programs and laws. 



16.- Veronica , what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for every day?

I’m really driven by results. I like it when I have a concrete goal to meet and enough time to figure out a strong strategy for accomplishing it.

I have always been motivated by the desire to make my dreams come true and fulfill my purpose in life.  I feel grateful to be alive and building my empire and leave my legacy for the future generation.  

I am also grateful for have a good health,  Good Friends, Freedom of Religion, my parents & family, for the weekends, Learning from Mistakes.  For the opportunity to get an Education, to have a home to live. It does not matter whether the house is small, big, rented, or owned. The fact that you have a place to reside and rest is one of the biggest things to be grateful for in life. Breathing Fresh Air, Laughter.


17.- Veronica, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from Ireland?

Yes I love travel. In my inquisitive mind, I want to visit every single country in the world, let me say two places that is on my bucket list. Switzerland is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I marvel at the sheer beauty of the wide-green fields and snow-capped mountains that I have seen on TV or in magazines. Greece is known to have some of the best beaches in the world, and most of photos on Instagram show off blue skies and glistening aquamarine waters around the islands. Greece is blessed to have beautiful weather, long summers, and a temperate climate year around.

I’ve been to Lanzaroti & Gran Canaries Isles (Spain),   Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Chester  (England).

Ireland is a country of beautiful and diverse landscapes. I would recommend

Galway: The colourful harbour city of Galway is effortlessly cool, with its burgeoning art scene, rich musical background and roots in Irish history and language. Cork: is a bustling city with a history that can be traced back to the 6th century. Ring of Kerry: If you only take one Irish road trip, make it the Ring of Kerry.  Cliffs of Moher: Head to the Cliffs of Moher to witness one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland. This natural wonder serves as a reminder of just how striking and diverse Ireland’s landscape is.  Kilkenny: Wander through a maze of cobbled streets and alleyways in the atmospheric town of Kilkenny. Also, the wilderness of the West of Ireland countryside is beautiful .  There are many more towns, national parks, castles and coasts to discover across the Emerald Isle. If you’re inspired to explore the island and visit these places for yourself, the Ireland travel experts can create a dream trip for you.



18.- You and me (Jaime William) are going to play ping pong, I will tell you one word and you will answer with another word that comes to your mind.

– Marriage = Union

– Children = Hope

– Love = Everything

– Ireland = Home

– Travel =  Leisure

– Abortion = Relative

– Dance =  Hobby

– Sing = Joy

– Europe = Origins

– America=  Explore

– Sport = Important

– Money = Abundance

– Parents =  Base

– Dreams = Purpose

– Passion = Pursue

– Madness Percentage = 150%  harmless simple soft spa

– Character = Passionate


19.- Veronica , your last words or  final thoughts

And so, now that you know my quick pageantry, modelling and acting history, I’d love to share some life lessons I’ve learned from participating in them that I apply to every day life. Pageantry provides a healthy perspective of participating in a competition.

As you present your best prepared self, you realize you can still help another contestant who is also competing, knowing it doesn’t affect your outcome. Everyone brings something unique to the table. A different night with different judges, it will be a different winner.  

Confidence: Oftentimes, when you are not living your passion, you are living the life that you believe is acceptable to others. Your confidence will suffer when you give into the pressures of society, your friends, and your family. This is largely because you are forcing yourself to do something that is of little interest to you. There is probably a good reason for this, so when you are not working within your strengths and interests, your performance will be super.

Reconnect With Your Inner-Self: There was a time when you felt free. You felt like you could do anything and everything was possible. When you start living your passion, you are most likely reconnecting with things you loved as a child. By taking a moment and realizing the things you loved before society told you what to love, you are finding a lost piece of yourself.

One of the most fascinating things about living your passion is the freedom and ease of burden. Do not think for another moment about what your life would be like if you lived your passion. Instead, you need to go out there and start living it. No matter how small the change, you will start to see the benefits discussed. Once you start seeing the benefits, there will be nothing holding you back.









Interview conducted by Jaime William Mostacero Baca with Veronica Campelo – Brazil – Ireland

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