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Vasilena Kostadinova

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“I plan to continue to develop in the field of advertising and advertising business. I have a lot of ideas that I hope to implement.”


“This is an important period for me because I am starting to get involved into influencer programs. A part of the money will go to charity, which is awesome”


“Personally, I want to start my own family. And professionally to continue to develop in the fashion and legal field.”


I love  traveling and I miss that a lot in the last few months. I want to visit a lot of places and meet a lot of new people.


Interview with Vasilena Kostadinova in Bulgarian language


She is our Perumira Princess in her country. It is an honor to present Vasilena Kostadinova from Plovdiv – Bulgaria.
We meet again with Vasilena and she grants us a second international interview. This new interview is available on Perumira in English and Bulgarian language.
Vasilena continues to grow in the world of fashion and is now a beautiful influencer for different brands and products.
Vasilena tells us all about herself, her blog, her projects and news !!!


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1.- Vasilena, I am very happy to interview you again. How have you spent these months?

Thank you very much for the second invitation and for the possibility of being your guest. Almost 5 months have passed since the previous interview. This is an important period for me because I am starting to get involved into influencer programs. I am a part of a platform where you can request a video. A part of the money that you have to pay for the video will go to charity, which is awesome.

 This is an amazing oportinity to do something for my followers and also support charity that I truly care about.

If you want to order a personal video for an occasion, advice or fun, you can do it through the link. I create videos in Bulgarian and English.


2.- Vasilena Are you enjoying your career as a professional model every day?

It’s hard for me to call this a career because I don’t see it as a job. Instead, I do it for fun and I really like it. I spend a lot of time on fashion commitments and projects related to fashion.


3.- We see now that you have become a known and recognized influencer, there are brands and products that trust you. How do you live this stage accompanying brands and products?

An influencer  is a new profession that has established itself in recent years and has become very popular.  Before I started publishing promoted posts, I thought that it’s going to be easy but the truth is that it’s requires a lot of things. In order to get involved in a good influencer project, it takes a lot of time to prepare the shots, the posts, the videos, etc. I carefully choose the words and the description with which I present the product. Needless to say, the pictures also must be perfect. The type of advertising product and the advertising campaign are also of great importance. In general, each brand has certain requirements and expectations.



4.- What learning do you have when promoting and recommending a brand or product? What qualities must a brand or product have for you to recommend it?

I work with many brands and companies at the moment, so I promote different products. I always try an advertising product before presenting it to my followers. Some cosmetic products need to be used even longer in order to be able to objectively tell how effective the product is. That’s why I created my fashion blog, in which I can talk about products, my opinion about them, and also share other interesting things. I prefer to promote organic and healthy products. I stick to quality cosmetics and I like shops and clothing brands that suit my own style.           

“Fashion VK” is my blog and for now, the articles are only in Bulgarian.


5.- How do you perceive your evolution as a model in these times?

I plan to continue to develop in the field of advertising and advertising business. I have a lot of ideas that I hope to implement.


6.- Vasilena, have you thought about running as a beauty queen in your country, in Miss Bulgaria?

Yes, oevery girl dreams of becoming a Miss and that was my dream as a child. Over the years, I realized that even if you do not become Miss Bulgaria, I can still set an example to many young girls. Sadly, this competition does not seem as attractive to me, because there are so many beautiful girls who do not participate and still achieve their dreams without the crown.


7.- Vasilena, after our first interview, what new experiences as a model have you had? What are your new learnings as an influencer?

I took a few new photo shoots and recently shot one of my first model videos. I hope to continue to develop in this direction and to create new projects.

This is my first model video – click here:


I’ve been hesitant for a long time, but recently I dared to create my own blog.

So far, I have published over 40 articles on my blog in several categories: fashion, accessories, cosmetics, books, original gifts, restaurants and food.


8.- Vasilena, how have you experienced the Covid 19 pandemic? How has the pandemic been experienced in Bulgaria?

During the first months of the pandemic, I spent time at home and used the time for personal development. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not ended in Bulgaria yet. There have been some very strict measures in the last couple of months, however, at the moment there are only a few of them left. Nonetheless, the emergency epidemiological situation will continue for some time.


9.- What are your plans for the future Vasilena, as a woman, as a model, as a public figure?

Personally, I want to start my own family. And professionally to continue to develop in the fashion and legal field.


10.- Vasilena, let’s play ping pong again, it will be different from the first interview:

Siena  – Home

Photoshoot – Program

Outfit  – Dress

Nature – Mountains

City  – Plovdiv

Princess Perumira – Family

South America – Exotic

Pets – Cat

Covid 19 – Pandemic

Marketing – Social media

Miss Bulgaria – Crown

Friends – Happiness

The dream date – Birthday

Beach – Cacao Beach

Holidays – Traveling

Wedding dress – Guess



11.- Vasilena, would you be willing to come to Peru or South America as an international guest?

I will be happy to visit South America and especially Peru. It will be very interesting for me to get acquainted with your culture and traditions and have the opportunity to get to know and visit such an exotic country. It will be truly an adventure and I hope the pandemic will end soon so we can all travel peacefully.


12.- After the pandemic, do you have new motivations?

I love  traveling and I miss that a lot in the last few months. I want to visit a lot of places and meet a lot of new people.


13.- Vasilena, thank you always for your beauty. Again your final words.

I want to thank you once again for the invitation! I hope that my participation was interesting for your readers and that I motivated many young people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams, even if they seem impossible.  Nothing is impossible!

Stay safe 🙂 Greetings from Bulgaria!







Interview conducted by Jaime William Mostacero Baca with Vasilena Kostadinova – Bulgaria (Second Interview)

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