Stella Miller @stellamiller71

Stella Miller @stellamiller71



Stella Miller, the international model who dazzles from the United States, arrives in the pages of Perumira with her incomparable beauty and the captivating sweetness of her gaze.

Originally from Connecticut, Stella has conquered the catwalks and camera lenses with her elegance and charisma. Her presence in the fashion industry is a testament to her talent and versatility.

As an ambassador of beauty, she is one of the most spectacular models in the United States. Her career includes runway shows for designers, magazine covers and advertising campaigns. However, beyond her professional success, Stella is also known for her kind soul and her commitment to social causes.

In this exclusive interview, we will explore her journey from the runways to the most inspiring corners of the world. Stella will share her beauty secrets, her most memorable moments and her vision for a world where fashion and compassion intertwine.

Join us as we discover more about the magnificent Stella Miller. Her gaze reflects not only fashion, but also the hope and gentleness that light our way.



1.- Stella, you were born in USA, What do you like about your hometown USA?

I am originally from Connecticut, but during the COVID19 pandemic I moved to South Carolina. I love the beautiful beaches and warm weather of South Carolina.


2.- What are your hobbies? What makes you laugh a lot or gives you joy?

Some hobbies I have are graphic design and social media marketing. I create graphics for my school’s sports teams and market their team on social media. I also take part in doing social media for my school’s student council. This brings me joy as I am still able to be involved in sports.


3.-International Model, When did you decide to take your first steps as a model? What feeling do you have about achieving your dreams, your passions and being recognized as an influential woman today?

I first decided to start modeling when I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I played sports my entire life. My whole body shut down, I went through chemotherapy medication for a while but due to the side effects, I came off of the medicine. I wanted to start modeling as I have always had a passion for fashion but I was never able to pursue it with sports. So when I was diagnosed, I realized my whole identity was going to change. I was no longer able to play sports so I wanted to use my diagnosis as a way to show others they can do anything they put their mind to. My passion is to help as many people as I can feel confident about themselves no matter what they are going through.



4.- What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Stella in each activity carried out as a model?

I think about my drive. My drive is what sets me apart from others. I have a passion to help others by speaking out and helping them achieve their goals by showing them they can do anything they put their mind to.


5.- What is the main virtue that any woman must have to be an international model?

The most important part about being a model is to have a reason, or passion that makes you want to be a model. Everyone is different, has different stories and different experiences. Becoming an international model is one step bigger than being a model. International is a word seen as all over, being an all over model for me means I get to share my story not just with the U.S. but with the whole world.


6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls and teenagers?

I am, that is my goal. I want to inspire not just teenagers, but everyone that they can do whatever they put their mind to and not to let anything hold them back. I also want to inspire everyone to be kind to each other as we never know what someone is going through.


7.- What was your feeling the first time you modeled in front of a video camera? What did you feel the first time at a beauty pageant?

The first time I modeled was the most surreal moment of my life. At that moment in time, I knew this was what I needed to do, what I was born to do. The first time I competed in a beauty pageant, I did not know much about beauty pageants. I was super excited to be there and share my story!



 8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

I believe social media holds a very important role in today’s society. Once social media was starting to be used more by generations there was a lot of awareness about bullying on social media. Thankfully, I believe it has been slowed down a bit by influential marketing. I also think social media has changed the world for the better as it is a way to connect with people and promote businesses.


9.- How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? What’s Your Favorite social media?

My favorite social media is instagram. I love their meta platform. I interact with my followers by sharing fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.


10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support theirchildren’s talents?

I would like to inspire them by sharing my story, to let them know they can do anything they put their mind to. I also believe parents should support their children in stuff they are passionate about, even if it is hard. Everyone has a different calling and we all need to embrace what we like to do and what our passions are.


11.- What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion and beauty pageants?

I have learned there is always the next step, there is always something bigger. I have also learned to set goals. Setting goals has helped me really achieve most of my accomplishments.



12.- Stella, being a model for you has been easy? Were there obstacles?How Did You overcome obstacles?

My biggest obstacle was getting started. When I was first diagnosed, I  did not want people to treat me differently or look at me differently. Once I came full circle and decided to use my story for the good and not to think about others opinions, i was able to be my full authentic self.


13.- Have you thought about being an actress? Do you like the entertainment industry?

I used to do theater when I lived in Connecticut but I lost my passion for it. I love the entertainment industry. I would not consider being an actress.


14.- Stella, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for everyday?

I am grateful I wake up everyday, with a roof over my head, access to education, and food to eat.



15.- Stella, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from USA?

I love to travel, I travel all the time, almost every week! My favorite place I have traveled to was Las vegas. I would love to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sports marketing in college in Vegas.


16.- Stella, your last words or final tips

Stay true to yourself, do what you are passionate about and do not let anyone’s opinions tell you otherwise.





Stella Miller

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