English by Giovana @englishbygiovana

English by Giovana @englishbygiovana

English by Giovana @englishbygiovana

English by Giovana




It is an honor to present from Brazil Giovana Gogola, English teacher, influencer in different social networks and Youtube with her channel English by Giovana.

Giovana opens the way with success in teaching the English language with a fun, youthful, fresh, practical and in different landscapes – scenarios, and make her today a recognized language teacher.

I appreciate Giovana’s humility, nobility and joy and we know her now!!!!

Welcome Giovana Gogola and English by Giovana!!!!



1.- Giovana, thank you very much for accepting our interview. Born in Brazil, what do you like the most about the city where you were born and raised? What are the hobbies that Giovana practices since she was a child?

Basically, I like the town where I was born because my family lives there. One of my favorite hobbies, since I was a child, is reading.


2.- What makes you smile or gives you a lot of joy?

Many things make me smile! My followers on social media, my dog, my family, my boyfriend and friends.


3.- Giovana, you are a English teacher. How did your passion for the English language start?

As I mentioned in the first question, reading is my favorite hobby since I was a kid. When I was about 10 years old, I dove into reading longer books and I really appreciated reading in English. Later, this reading encouraged me to be an English teacher and study literature and linguistics. Now, I can say that I’m passionate about this language and, especially, about teaching it.



4.- Giovana, are you aware that because of your youth and trajectory as an English teacher you have become a professional and influential woman in many young people who want to be like you? How do you handle this responsibility?

I’m immensely grateful to each one who follows my content on social media. Being an influencer in the education area is not easy and having the privilege of teaching more than 4 million people worldwide is a huge responsibility. Every day I feel the need to improve and provide the best content, so I’m always studying and planning videos.


5.- Giovana, today many countries include in their primary and secondary education the learning of 2 and even 3 languages like Poland, Germany, etc. How important is it to instill the learning of languages in schools all over the world, not only as a profession but as a source of opportunities? Does speaking English open doors for you?

English is the most popular language in the world, it’s the language that connects you with people from different countries. For instance, if you meet a Japanese person and you don’t speak Japanese, you’ll probably communicate in English. Particularly, English did open many doors in my life, especially in my career, I have students/followers from all over the world and this is incredible.


6.- Giovana, what is the main mistake people make when they want to learn a language?

The main mistake is when students stick to books only. Many people spend years learning English at language schools but forget to practice it in real life or don’t even have the opportunity to. It’s important to study grammar but it’s crucial to put everything that you

studied in practice. So my tip: practice speaking! Find an English-speaking partner and immerse yourself in the language!



7.- What habits are important before and during language learning?

As I mentioned, you need an immersion in the language, you need to consume English content such as TV series, movies, songs and books. Switch your cell phone and computer to English, try to surround yourself with the language and once again, don’t forget to practice speaking!


8.- What is Giovana’s distinctive mark, what makes you different as a person and professionally as a teacher?

I think that what makes me stand out as an English teacher is my creative methodology. For every word/phrase I teach, I try to create a real-life scenario, I teach things that people will really need when traveling, when living abroad or when communicating. The fact that in my videos, I role-play with myself and create 2 Giovanas is funny and well-received by my followers. Also, I incorporate many professions when teaching, for some videos I dress up like a bartender, Uber driver, hotel receptionist and many other professions that are so common out there and that we frequently need to interact with.


9.- What do you think about the power that social networks have today in technology, in education and in the decisions of many young people?

It’s superb! Social media is in everyone’s lives, right? We are bombarded with videos, pictures and news every day and educational content on social media is an excellent way of bringing together teaching and entertainment.



10.- Giovana, what motivates you and why do you feel grateful every day?

My family motivates me a lot. When I wake up, the first thing I feel grateful for is for my health and for the friends that I have around me.


11.- Do you like to travel, which countries do you already know and which countries would you like to visit?

Yes, I do. I love traveling! I’ve been to Argentina, the United States, Panama and Paraguay. If I’d like to visit Scotland because of the castles, I would feel like I was in a book.

12.- What places would you recommend visiting in Brazil?

The Northeast because of the blue waters.


13.- Have you ever thought about going into acting, in the entertainment industry? Do you like TV, cinema, theatre?

Many people say I’m good at acting but this is not my professional field. My passion and my field is teaching English. Even though I mix teaching with acting I’m just an “amateur actress” hahaha.



14.- Now you and I will play a word game. I will tell you a word and you must answer the first thing that comes to your mind.

  • Favouritefood – Pizza
  • Best movie – Harry Potter
  • Singing- Pop
  • Dancing- Party
  • LatinAmerica – Spanish
  • Europe- London
  • Marriage- Bride
  • Percentageof insanity – Five
  • Children- None
  • Sport- Soccer
  • Parents- Life
  • Money- Work
  • Politics- Election
  • Machismo- Men
  • Spanish language – Colombia
  • Passion- Love
  • Leadership- Project
  • Sea- Sand
  • Greatlove – Date

15.- What advice would you give to parents who don’t want to support their children’s talents?

They should support their kids no matter which talent they have.



16.- What advice would you give to young people who have a talent or ability, but do not dare to take the next step, to follow a path of success?

Go for it! You are powerful


17.- Giovana, in which social media and websites can we find you to learn languages?

Almost everywhere: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Kwai.


18.- Your final words. First I want to thank you and acknowledge my admiration for your effort, for your perseverance, for your discipline in your great passion, English and teaching.

Thank you for inviting me for this interview, it’s a pleasure to talk about my journey as an English teacher.







Giovana Gogola – English by Giovana

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