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David Montoro @davidmontorof

David Montoro Fuentes



It is a great pleasure to present our Guest of Honor 800!!!!

David Montoro, a multifaceted professional dedicated to editing, postproduction, dubbing and music. Born in Venezuela, he has been living in Mexico for five years, where he has developed a successful career in the audiovisual field. Among his most outstanding works are the editing of documentaries, short films and video clips, the post-production of visual and sound effects, the dubbing of series and films, and the composition of original soundtracks.

David Montoro is characterized by his creativity, versatility and quality in every project he works on. If you want to know more about his career and services we invite you to meet him in this unmissable interview.




1.- David, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview with us. Let’s start with you. Born in Los Teques (Miranda – Venezuela), what do you like most about the city where you were born and grew up? What hobbies did you have as a child?

What I liked the most was to climb a mountain that was next to my house and look for quartz stones, the joy of finding a transparent stone that for me was like a diamond made my day.


2.- What brings a smile or joy to David?

I laugh every day at life, I like to be in a good mood all the time, it gives me joy to be next to Sandra (my girlfriend), to see my parents well and to be with my sisters Carolina and Monica.


3.- David, your great passion is in the entertainment industry, you started in the theater in your native Venezuela for some years participating in more than 15 plays hand in hand with the Compañía Nacional de Teatro. How is it that you were born and decided to venture into the artistic world of acting?

I was always very extroverted and I loved acting, so one day I decided to be part of a theater group in Los Teques, where I started my artistic life with the motivation generated by a pianist friend of the family to start playing piano, from there I went to audition at the CNT where we were selected 10 among more than 300 participants to be part of the Actor Training Program of the “Compañía Nacional de Teatro” of Venezuela. There I participated in more than 15 plays, both as an actor and as a pianist.



4.- You start to get involved in the big screen doing also dubbing and musical comps. How is it that these opportunities appear and you take this new challenge? What feeling did you have at that time doing what you like?

Many of my new colleagues at CNT worked in a dubbing company called ETCETERA, for this reason, after I left CNT, I started working in this company as a foley technician, then as a dubbing technician in charge of recording projects like Pinky and the Brain, Sponge Bob Squarepants, etc. and soon after I was assigned to the musicalization department where I was in charge of musicalizing and composing music for several projects, many of them Brazilian soap operas of the moment like Pantanal, Vientre en alquiler, Mi bien Mi Mal, etc.


5.- Is music also part of your life? Why did you decide to embrace it or is it something innate?

Music came to me innately, I remember that I started taking all the themes of Richard Clayderman, a French pianist who was very fashionable at that time, and then I began to study music, eventually I got the opportunity to make all the incidental music for my first novel called Llovizna, starring Scarlet Ortiz.


6.- Going back to dubbing David, your trajectory is impressive. Please mention for our public what works you have done, is that (I will say only 1) Sponge Bob Squarepants is already a big word…

I remember the recordings of Pinky and the Brain, many times female colleagues came into my recording room and we had to stop because the improvisation of the actors killed us with laughter.


7.- So far David, we already have Music (Musicalizer – Producer) – Acting – Dubbing. How did you feel about accomplishing each goal up to this point?

I was very motivated with everything that could come in the future, always looking for what to do again, I’m hyperactive and that helped me a lot to achieve new horizons.



8.- Already with an important experience in different production companies and productions, you also stand out for being an Editor (Audio – Video and more), being part of Globovisión in Venezuela, where I have a great Guest of years (the first of Venezuela), Genesis Rivas and there was also Anelaine Blanco (Ane TV), today in Mexico. What were your functions as Editor, since it is a news channel and also Entertainment, right?

Before joining Globovisión I worked in a production company called Víctor X where I had to learn to edit video by accident, thanks to the fact that the editor on duty left, that circumstance helped me discover the passion for editing, when I arrived at Globovisión I had to do everything, special programs, biographies, press releases, etc, that was a great school for me, surrounded by wonderful people who taught me a lot.


9.- Five years ago you decided to migrate to Mexico given the situation that our sister country Venezuela is going through today and where you started to make your way again, how has Mexico treated you? The Mexican industry is great in terms of productions. What learning on a personal and professional level has it left you to date?

Mexico is a country where you can see series and film projects everywhere, as it is an interesting market for the American and European industry because of the exchange rate and the high level that has full of very high level professionals everywhere, it has not been easy for me to climb in this country, It has not been easy for me to climb in this country, since it was practically starting from ¨0¨, with perseverance and love to work I have had new opportunities to belong to wonderful projectors in this country, I have learned a lot, just at this moment of my life I am migrating from lead editor to postproducer, working for Dinamitapost, one of the most important production companies in CDMX. Very interesting things are coming with this new challenge.



10.- David, like all your impressive career, today you are already one step ahead, collaborating in different productions, you are already a Post Producer and you are working hand in hand with an important Mexican production company. Tell us about this step and how you are developing this new responsibility, which is also your passion?

Well, it has been another discovery for me, directing all the departments involved in the whole post-production process has become a new challenge for me that has filled me with passion and a lot of emotion, where I still have a lot to learn, managing the entire workflow, directing an entire staff, has its art.


11.- David, in spite of the obstacles, how did you overcome them?

With perseverance, desire, motivation and the constant search to improve myself and learn every day.


12.- What has motivated you every day?

The results of the work, the reaction of the ¨crew¨ to the good vibes and professionalism that prevails in each project that comes and see it on the screen.


13.- As an Editor – Post Producer – Musician you see that Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a tool, but it rubs shoulders with us in every task. What do you think about the progress of new technologies and social media in relation to the artistic world, the entertainment industry?

I think that AI will never overcome the art and passion of man, it is amazing everything that can be done with AI, in fact I already use it with some frequency, but I think that the fear that many have that we can be replaced by this new tool will dissipate over time.



14.- Are you aware that your work, experience, trajectory make you every day an Influencer in your sector, an authoritative voice and an example for thousands of kids who want to reach and do things like you, participating in cartoons, movies, etc. How do you take this responsibility?

I think by setting an example, being humble, honest and very responsible every day.


15.- What social media are your favorites? Where can we find you?

LinkedIn David Montoro Fuentes,

TikTok @davidmontorof

Instagram @davidmontorof


16.- David, what would you say to parents who don’t support their children’s talent? And what would you say to young people who, having the talent and skills, are discouraged and do not dare to take the next step?

It is terrible the damage they are doing to their children, passion moves the world, it is the energy of triumph.


17.- What is David’s hallmark in every activity he does?

¡¡¡¡Good vibes all the time!!!!



18.- David, what places do you recommend visiting in Venezuela, your native country, and in Mexico, your new home? What other countries do you know and/or would you like to visit?

From Venezuela, nothing like its beaches, Playa Medina, Morrocoy Park, Pico Espejo (Merida) where we have the longest cable car in the world and El Salto Angel, the largest waterfall in the world. The food and the warmth of its people.

From Mexico, its people, the food, the people is the best, traveling in this country that has so many wonderful states full of Mayan and Aztec culture everywhere.

I have had the fortune to visit USA, Italy, France, Costa Rica, Colombia, Canada, Spain.

I would like to travel to Argentina, Chile and go to Rome.


19.- Before the Ping Pong, tell me what are David’s next steps or pending tasks in the medium to long term? What goals would you like to accomplish at each stage of your life?

I want to finish sharpening my postproduction skills and consolidate myself in this new path, finish consolidating a home with my beloved Sandy and travel by her side.



20.- Now yes, the Ping Pong …I tell you a word, and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind for each word: Come on, let’s go:

– Marriage – Team

– Venezuela. – Nostalgia

– Children – A lot of responsibility.

– Music – Passion

– Best Film – Cinema Paradiso

– Worst – Smosh: The Monie (2015)

– Theater – Synergy

– Dessert – Caprice

– Politics – Nothing to do with politics.

– Cinema – My World

– Singing – Expression of happiness

– Dancing – I love it

– Tattoos – How many? – None, I would never do it.

– Sleeping position – On my side hugging my Sandy.

– Sweet or Salty – Salty

– Sport – Soccer (watch it)

– Money – Prudence

– Mexico – My new home

– Parents – My happiness, best advice.

– Favorite Date – With Sandy at a beach party.

– Production – Part of my job.

– Reality – Running against time and not sleeping.

– Europe – Slow life, lots of art.

– Motto – Enjoy the moment.


21.- David, I apologize if I left anything out and I leave you here to say whatever you wish, and final words. I admire you for your struggle, effort and great trajectory. Greetings beautiful Venezuela and dear Mexico.

Sometimes life puts us up and down, attitude, wisdom and patience are values that we must highlight at all times, every day life gives us the wonderful opportunity to do something different, for you or for someone, do not think too much, do it, tomorrow may be too late do not regret what you did not do is better to feel the joy of knowing that you tried everything.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that Olga and Jaime gave me in this interview.







David Montoro

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