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It’s a pleasure to welcome everyone to an exclusive interview with the extraordinary Amanda Valley! Originally from the United States, Amanda has left an indelible mark on the modeling industry with her exceptional talent and unparalleled versatility. As a published model, runway, freelance and Skylar, as well as a tireless traveler, Amanda embodies the very essence of beauty and elegance.

In this fascinating conversation, we will explore the intricate details of Amanda’s career, from her humble beginnings to the dizzying heights of her current success. We’ll discover the challenges and joys of working in the modeling industry, as well as the most memorable moments of her professional journey.

Amanda will share her fashion insights, revealing the secrets behind her dazzling runway presence and her ability to captivate audiences with every step she takes. In addition, she will take us behind the scenes of the life of a traveling model, offering a unique insight into the ups and downs of this exciting lifestyle.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Amanda Valley, where grace meets determination and beauty intertwines with adventure. From the bright lights of the runway to exotic destinations around the world, this interview promises to be an unforgettable journey through the life and career of one of the most remarkable models of our era. Welcome to the fascinating universe of Amanda Valley!



1.- Amanda, tell me about the city where you were born and raised. What do you like about your hometown?

I grew up in the little town of skidway lake, MI. I have many great memories while being there, but I think my top favorite would be how family friendly the town was. If we weren’t home before the street lights came on, the neighbors would call our parents.


2.- What are your hobbies? What makes you laugh a lot or gives you joy?

I enjoy being outside. Hiking, biking, adventuring. I enjoy being around people. I’ve worked many different positions in the healthcare field.

My family, my daughters and boyfriend. They push me everyday and are my biggest support system. I enjoy giving the best day to others to my best of abilities.


 3.-International Model. When did you decide to take your first steps as a model? What feeling do you have achieving your dreams, your passions and being a recognized influencer woman today?

I began modeling 9 years ago at age 26. I’ve always been interested in modeling but was always scared to take the jump. Once life slowed down a little, I began with volunteering teaming up with local fashion shows then soon after began venturing out to the bigger shows out of Michigan. Before I knew it I was being connected with local photographers and next thing I knew I was scheduling shoots. Modeling gives me a huge sign of relieve. Life gets crazy, Modeling allows me to be my own unique self. I am also the mother of 3 teenage girls. Pushing to follow our dreams is something we need to push for. I want to raise my girls to know to fight for what they want.



4.- What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Amanda in each activity carried out as a model?

Be empowering. Be yourself. Anyone can model, but then we’d all look the same. Use your surroundings and don’t be afraid to bend and climb to allow for that right angle of yourself.


5.- What’s  the main virtue that any woman must have to be an international model?

To be inspiring. To carry a message others will remember forever.


6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls andteenagers?

Oh very important. I am a mother of 3 teenage daughters who also have interest in modeling. If you don’t show interest in being an idol to others, the only thing you do to model is wear cool clothes.


7.- What was your feeling the first time you modeled in front of a video camera?

 I was shy, not really sure what to expect. Now looking back I wish I could tell myself to breath and everything is great.



 8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

Honestly I think it can be to much at times. I get the purpose, but sometimes people get lost in it.


9.- How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? What’s your favorite social media?

If I see someone having a bad day I lift their spirits. I use social media to connect with both local and out of state photographers as well as scheduling fashion shows. My favorite would be maybe Instagram as I get a lot of my creative research from there.


10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?

You don’t know unless you try. Parents should always support their children. If not it puts a damper on their relationship towards each other, and it doesn’t teach them to push for their dreams.


11.- What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion?

The world of fashion is very strange. There’s always something to learn. There isn’t a wrong way for fashion. The door is always open to be unique and different with your own style.



12.- Amanda, being a model for you has been easy? Were there obstacles? How did you overcome obstacles?

I wouldn’t say it’s been easy as I look at this as a full time job. Keeping up with your portfolio, websites, and social media platforms, but also keeping up with yourself. But doing something you enjoy so much, the obsacles kind of just blend in.


13.- Have you thought about being an actress? Do you like the entertainment industry?

I don’t actually


14.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

Always be the bigger person. Stand for what you want in life. Coming from experience of domestic abuse, I’d say don’t ever lose your independence.


 15.- Amanda, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for every day?

My little family and always doing right by then every day.



 16.- Amanda, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from your country?

I love traveling and seeing the world as much as I am able to. If I could recommend any places it would be the hiddy holes not many people know about, but can find on google.


17.- You and me (Jaime William) are going to play ping pong, I will tell you one word and you will answer with another word that comes to your mind.






























Madness Percentage





18.- Amanda, your last words or final tips

Always push for what you  want in life. Never stop, nor let anyone tell you that you can’t. Stand back and say… watch me.







Amanda Valley

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