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Today we are honored to present the stunning Dahiana Aguilar Escobar, Miss Global Colombia 2023. This stunning Colombian model has not only conquered the international runways, but has also captured everyone’s hearts with her unique elegance and charisma.

Dahiana is the epitome of beauty and grace, radiating a presence that is hard to ignore. Her sculpted body and goddess-like beauty have made her a fashion icon, being sought after by world-renowned designers and brands. However, her appeal goes beyond the physical. With a combination of intelligence, humility and passion, Dahiana has proven that true beauty comes from within.

As Miss Global Colombia 2023, Dahiana not only represents Colombian elegance, but also the diversity and cultural richness of the country. Her commitment to social causes and her desire to inspire new generations make her stand out as a true leader and role model.

In every step she takes, whether on a high fashion runway or at a charity event, Dahiana Aguilar Escobar shows that beauty and influence can go hand in hand. Her career is a testament to hard work, dedication and an unwavering spirit. We are excited to continue to see how this incredible woman continues to conquer the world with her unmatched charm and talent – Dahiana is, without a doubt, a national treasure and a muse to many!



1. Dahiana, you were born in Colombia, What do you like about your hometown in Colombia? 

I was born in Rionegro – Antioquia and grew up in the city of Medellin; Rionegro is a town that over the years has grown into a new city that currently offers a lot of calm, a cool climate for lovers of wine and bonfires, with its beautiful colonial architecture invites many Antioqueños to move there and enjoy its dazzling mountains and cultural heritage.

On the other hand my city of origin, Medellin is a place that for sure we all love what we have the privilege to know and inhabit, I am raised in an innovative city, quite welcoming with very warm and friendly human beings, who are focused on building a constant growth, I am a lover of the gastronomy of my city which makes us unique in the world.


2.- What are your hobbies? What makes you laugh a lot or does it give you a lot of joy?


Boxing is my favourite practice, it is the hobby in which besides having fun, I can focus my mind and connect it with my body, allowing the energy I have available to be released and renewed, as I also do with yoga, pilates and constant meditation. Music, sound frequencies and ancestral rituals are part of my daily life, and form part of my well being and deep connection with my whole being.



3.International Model, Miss Global Colombia 2023. When do you decide to take your first steps as a model and beauty pageants? What feeling do you have achieving your dreams, your passions and being a recognized influencer woman today?

When I was 17 years old I decided to start my modelling career, I moved to the Colombian capital to study acting and everything became intertwined, I worked as an image for many companies until beauty pageants came to me. It was quite a challenge, going from being a model to being a beauty queen is something that who would believe, it is very different, it has led me to build my character, to know myself much more and undoubtedly to expand all areas of my life, I have forged friendships around the world, I have immersed myself in different cultures and I have learned from them what is applicable in my own world.

4.-What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Dahiana in each activity carried out as a beauty queen and model?


Being an empathetic woman with other sentient beings, that regardless of the identity we have built, we are human, connecting with the most genuine part of my being and giving it in my work, in my links, in my purposes and goals has made the world that my eyes see, remain in a place of love, tranquility, respect and awareness.


5.- Whats is the main virtue that any woman must have to be an internacional model?

Acceptance for one’s whole being is the quality of loving oneself deeply.



6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls and teenagers?

It is a constant commitment to myself, to inspire is a consequence of my own inner work, therefore, to be responsible for my thoughts, my choices, my actions and my words is something that impacts and transforms not only my own world but also those who connect with it.


7.-What was your feeling the first time you modeled in front of a video camera? What did you feel the first time at a beauty pageant?

It is unlikely to silence the mind from so many fears, from the objections it invents to justify its fear, yet choosing to trust in the present moment and in me, translated into my system a message sent to God saying: I trust you, therefore I trust me and I am going to do it.



8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

We have a power at the click of a button, if we choose to focus it in the right way, it gives us a voice, it can move worlds, create infinite possibilities for growth, learning, awareness, empowerment, connection with different cultures and beliefs, it makes us question ourselves and break social paradigms, it is a very valuable tool if we align it with our highest purpose.


9.-How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? Whats your favorite social media?

I share the wonders that life offers me, I wish that we all have the privilege of enjoying the land in which we are fortunate to live, so I like to share what my eyes appreciate, I am a very reflective woman who questions much of life, that’s why sometimes I share my thoughts, where I can nourish others and nourish me too, in a space where we question together to see in a bigger picture the different possibilities that this world offers us and its enormous learning.

I like to invite others through my lifestyle to be encouraged and experience the magic of constant learning, body movement and healthy eating, promoting wellbeing.


10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?

Understand that fear will always be there, that it is part of our human experience and never pretend to get rid of it, but rather to understand why it is there that ‘I dare not’, where your greatest fear is your greatest growth and learning, to go through and feel the fear is a blessing, there is no emotion in this experience that is with us without any sense. Once we understand this, we turn to action, to be self-taught, to seek by all means, sources and reach that longed for dream, it is key to understand that if it is in our mind and heart is because it has all the approval to become a reality.

To parents I say that the love they feel for their children is synonymous with acceptance, to love is to accept and let be, love is freedom, and if you really love your children you will want to see them open their wings, allow them to release and express the maximum potential for which they were brought into this world.


11. What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion and beauty pageants?

I learned to believe and trust deeply in my gifts and talents, to listen to my heart and intuition, to understand that action is the basis for building my dreams, the order and focus of my daily actions determined how far I could go, to stay focused on my own process and understand that everyone’s process goes at a different pace, to accept that it is different; I learned to enjoy my process by letting go of expectations of the outcome and to live it with all that going through that transformation could mean for me.


12.- Dahiana, being a model for you has been easy? Were there obstacles?How did you overcome obstacles?

I confess that being a model and in this case a beauty queen with my tattoos was the first objection that came to my mind, besides representing my country before other nations, where the English language was a requirement was something that made my legs tremble, however my strength to face these challenges was the conviction and certainty that everything has a greater purpose than I can ever imagine, That’s when intuition and self-confidence built me up, the constant desire to want to learn, to accept that I can make mistakes and that it’s okay to do so, that that’s where the growth was, made everything lighter and lighter for me.



13.- Have you thought about being an actress? Do you like the entertainment industry?

Of course, the career from which I graduated was performing arts, since I was very small I was always introduced to the world of art and acting, I practiced my career for 3 years in Colombia and the processes of life were taking me through the world of modelling. Of course, if life gives me the opportunity, I will do it again.


14.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

Women have undoubtedly demonstrated their ability to create, to inspire and to liberate the social paradigms that for years in history have kept us oppressed as a gender, the role of women in society is so important for the development of human beings, we are the source of creation of life, the vessel in which a new human being is formed, We are a figure of example and strength for our children, for future generations, we go through physical and emotional pain to give life, this shows in the other areas of life how strong and resilient we are, we give an example of order, love and empowerment by blossoming again after each process that means a greater effort. Absolutely the world needs more and more free, confident and self-loving women who are willing to take on this creative role that was given to us by nature.



15.- Dahiana, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for every day?

I feel moved by my mother, my father, my siblings, by my growth as a woman and a human being, the expansion of my consciousness and with this the capacity I have built to help and contribute to make the world better than it was before I was here, from the most basic actions to the most contributive ones.

I feel so grateful for the subtleties of life, from the air I breathe, the food I eat every day, the people who are part of my world, my mentality, my constant desire to grow, the sun that shines for all, the rain that nourishes the earth, the moon that illuminates the soul, the nature we have available to all, the home where I rest, how lucky and happy I feel to see the world through my eyes.


16.- Dahiana, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from Colombia?

I love travelling, immersing myself in different cultures and learning from them. I have visited Greece, France, Spain, Netherlands, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Cambodia, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic.

I want to visit Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Germany and return to France.

In Colombia I recommend visiting Santa Marta, it has dazzling mountains, beaches and magnificent sunsets, Cartagena and of course Medellin, the city of eternal spring that saw me grow up.



17. You and me (Jaime William) are going to play ping pong, I will tell you one word and you will answer with another word that comes to your mind.

  • Marriage/ Maybe

– Childrens / Two

  • Love/ God

– Colombia/ Coffe

  • Travel/ Freedom

– Abortion / Separation

  • Dance/ Soul

– Sing / Art

  • Europe/ Alps

– America / Discovery

  • Sport/ Life

– Money /Energy

  • Parents/ Love

– Dreams /Purpose

  • Passion/ Devotion

– Madness Percentage / Thousand

  • Character/ Strong


18.- Dahiana, your last words or final tips

When you turn to see yourself, accept your roots, who you are, who you have been and are deeply grateful for it, honour and respect the world in which you live and recognise the magnificent being that you are, that is when you begin to enjoy your infinite potential, that is when you begin to expand and dance through the world of infinite possibilities, The world needs more human beings who are able to see themselves, who are brave and embrace their darkest parts, who turn on the light in their souls, to transform their world and consequently the world of those around them.

Thank you Jaime William & Perumira for the invitation to your magazine.




Dahiana Aguilar Escobar

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