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We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Sarah Gemma Kana-ah, an International Queen and esteemed BBC broadcaster, in Perumira Global Talent magazine. Sarah, who is half Syrian and half English, brings a unique and rich cultural background to her impressive career. Born in Yorkshire, she has become a prominent figure in the media world.

Sarah Gemma Kana-ah’s journey is both inspiring and captivating. Her remarkable achievements as an International Queen and her influential role as a broadcaster at the BBC showcase her versatility and dedication. Her ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes with grace and poise has made her a standout personality.

In this exclusive interview, Sarah shares her experiences in the broadcasting industry, the challenges she has faced, and her aspirations for the future. She discusses the importance of representation and cultural diversity in media and how she uses her platform to advocate for these values. Sarah’s story is a testament to her resilience, talent, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Join us in celebrating Sarah Gemma Kana-ah’s incredible journey and be inspired by her achievements. Her feature in Perumira Global Talent magazine highlights her exceptional talent and the profound influence she has in the media world. We are honored to share Sarah’s story with our readers and look forward to following her continued success.



1.- Sarah, tell me about the city where you were born and raised. ,What do you like about your hometown?

I’m half Syrian and half English. Born in Yorkshire, but grew up in Devon by the coast. I’ve then spent the majority of my time in the lovely county of Somerset. Somerset is known for its stunning natural surroundings. From the rolling hills of the Quantock Hills, to Burrow Mump, Glastonbury Torr and of course the one and only Glastonbury festival. But what truly makes it special is its sense of community. The support, warmth and friendliness that I’ve received whilst living here is just truly amazing.


2.- What are your hobbies? What makes you laugh a lot or does it give you a lot of joy?

I love going to the gym and lifting weights. Not just to maintain a healthy physique but to keep a positive mindset. Exercise is very good for your mental health, so this is very important for me. My son gives me joy and makes me laugh a lot with his dry sense of humour. Witty banter with friends and not taking myself so seriously makes me laugh, just being goofy and enjoying life. I also love a good comedy too.



3.-International Model, Ms Regency International Queen. When do you decide to take your first steps as a model and beauty pageants? What feeling do you have achieving your dreams, your passions and being a recognized influencer woman today?

Stepping into the world of modeling and beauty pageants wasn’t just about glamour for me—it was a journey of healing and empowerment. After experiencing the trauma of domestic abuse and then finding out my father was battling cancer, I found myself at a crossroads. I needed something to lift my spirits, to remind me of my worth and strength. That’s when I decided to take the first steps towards becoming a model and beauty queen.

Not only did it provide me with a platform to rebuild my confidence, but it also gave me a way to give back to the community that had supported me through some of my darkest days. Raising money for charity became a driving force behind my journey. It was my way of turning pain into purpose, of making a positive impact in the face of adversity. And knowing that I was making my father proud along the way gave me the strength to keep going, even when the road ahead seemed daunting. Through it all, I’ve learned that beauty isn’t just about what you see on the outside—it’s about resilience, compassion, and the courage to stand tall in the face of adversity.

My journey as a model and beauty queen has been about so much more than just appearances. It’s been about finding my voice, reclaiming my power, and inspiring others to do the same. So here’s to embracing the beauty in every step of the journey, even the ones that are the hardest to take. And here’s to using our experiences to shine a light for others, showing them that no matter what challenges they may face, they are never alone.

Becoming a women influencer today is a dream come true – one that fills me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and pride. Its about embracing my authentic self, using my voice to inspire others, and making a meaningful impact in the world.



4.- What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Sarah in each activity carried out as a Director, beauty queen and model?

My unique trait across all roles as a beauty queen, model, and mum is my resilience. In every aspect of my life, i have demonstrated the ability to overcome challenges, adapt to new situations, and emerge stronger than before. As a beauty queen, i use my platform to advocate for women safety and inspire positive change, even in the face of adversity.

As a model, i’ve embraced the ups and downs of the fashion world with resilience, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. As a mum my son learns from example, witnessing firsthand the power of resilience in overcoming life’s obstacles. Overall, my resilience is the thread that ties together my roles as a beauty queen, model, and mum.


5.- Whats is the main virtue that any woman must have to be an international model?

I believe patience, confidence and self belief is what a women needs to succeed as a model. With all 3 qualities there is no limit to what a women can achieve. The first step is believing ‘you can’, then going out there and grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. But most importantly be patient with your journey, every step you take is a positive step, even if its a knock back. Don’t give up at the first hurdle, get up again and keep trying.



6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls and teenagers?  

I help thousands of women through my platforms every single day, whether that’s through confidence, bettering their mental health or through safer healthy relationships. Being a role model to girls and teenagers is an opportunity to inspire positive change.

As a woman who has navigated the complexities of life, i have a responsibility to empower the next generation, especially when it comes to understanding what healthy relationships entail and recognizing the signs of abuse. While i might not be able to change my past experiences, i can certainly use them to shape a brighter future for others. By sharing our stories, our triumphs, and our struggles, we can provide valuable insights and guidance to young girls and teenagers, helping them navigate the complexities of relationships and empowering them to recognize and address unhealthy dynamics.

I help empower young women to set boundaries, advocate for themselves, and cultivate healthy relationships built on mutual respect and trust. Additionally, it’s crucial to educate girls and teenagers about the warning signs of abuse—whether it’s emotional, physical, or verbal—and empower them to speak up and seek help if they find themselves in a toxic situation. By arming them with knowledge and resources, i can help them break the cycle of abuse and create a safer, more supportive environment for all.



7.- What was your feeling the first time you modeled in front of a video camera? What did you feel the first time at a beauty pageant?

I felt very nervous. I suffer with anxiety, so i had so many doubts going through my mind, but when i got the photos back from my first ever shoot i was so happy and i coudnt wait to do it again. Seeing myself in photos happy, glammed up and looking amazing was a huge thing for me as i was told for many years by my abuser that i was ugly, not worthy and not capable of anything. So this is one reason i loved modelling as it was about reclaiming back my identity and who i was.

My first beauty pageant i remember standing in the dressing room before we went out on stage and my mouth was dry as anything. I had to keep picking up random bottles of water and drinking them as i was so nervous.

I kept thinking maybe i will fall or trip over, maybe i wont be able to walk, or maybe people will laugh at me. But no, I was fine and that is where my journey started. I went on to win two national titles and an international title.


8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

My perspective on social media is a nuanced one, shaped by both its potential for positive impact and its darker side. On one hand, I see social media as a powerful tool for connecting people and amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard.

Platforms like mine have the ability to bring people together, provide support, and create spaces for empowerment and advocacy. My mental health group and female empowement group serves as a lifeline—a hub where people can find solace, share experiences, and access resources and support networks.

However, it’s impossible to ignore the darker aspects of social media. Online bullying, harassment and the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, accumulate likes and followers, and present a flawless image which can take a toll on mental health and self-esteem.

If used correctly and in moderation I think it’s ok, but we can’t ignore the negative side of social media and should monitor it with our children to ensure they’re safe when online.



9.- How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? What’s your favorite social media?

I like to use both Instagram and Facebook. I interact through both video and photo content. I also do 1-1 coaching sessions with people who have been through abuse and need help with their healing journey.


 10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?

Absolutely, do it! Once you believe in yourself, you’re capable of so many things. I always say to face your fears and do one thing everyday that scares you, the more you do it the less you will be frightened of it. I honestly didn’t think I’d be here now as an international queen, but i am. So if i can do it, so can you.

Recognize that you have a unique talent and that your skills are valuable. Trust in your abilities and have confidence in your potential to succed. As a parent myself i’d advise other parents to listen to their children and encourage and embrace the things that they love and want to do. Be their cheerleader and offer enourageent and support.  


11.- What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion and beauty pageants?

To not give up. To celerbrate all achievemnts, no matter how big or small. Knowing that setbacks and failures are inevitable parts of the journey. Instead of letting them hold you back, use them as opportunites to learn grow and improve.

Also most importanlty be yourself. Dont compare yourself to others or try to be someone else because you think that is who they’re looking for. No one is you and that is your unique superpower, so celebrate it.



12.- Sarah, being a model for you has been easy? Were there obstacles?How did you overcome obstacles?

With anything theres always going to be obstscles. For me i found it quite tiring at times as i always wanted to perform my best and perform better than before, and being someone who is a perfectionist and someone who struggles with anxiety, i found it overhwleming at times.

Trying to ignore the negative voices in the back of my head was hard, but i eventually learnt to embrace my anxiety and accomodate it. I started mindfullness and hypnosis which really helped manage the feelings i had.


 13.- BBC Broadcaster. Have you thought about being an actress? Do you like the entertainment industry?

I have done a few bits of acting over the years. I do love both radio and TV, so who knows. I would love to be an actress in an action film alongside Jason Statham. He is an incredible actor.


 14.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

I’m optimistic about the future of women in these societies, fueled by the growing global movement for gender equality and the tireless efforts of activists, advocates, and allies. Despite the persistent barriers and obstacles, women around the world are increasingly asserting their rights, challenging outdated norms, and demanding change.

In the future, I believe we will see continued strides towards gender equality in these societies, fueled by greater awareness, education, and advocacy efforts.  By working together to dismantle barriers, challenge stereotypes, and promote gender equality, we can create a future where women and girls are truly valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.



15.- Sarah, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for every day?

My motivation is my little boy. Also being that symbol of strength to all survivors out there. Giving them that hope, strength and promise of better days ahead.  I’ve walked through the shadows of trauma and i know first hand the struggles and challenges survivors face. But i’ve also experienced the power of resillience and healing, so i’ve made it my life goal to share that with others who may be on a similar joruney. I’m grateful to still be here to tell my story.


16.- Sarah, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from your country?

I love to travel. Thanks to Ms Diamond United Kingdom and The Regency International pageant, since last July i’ve been able to visit Las Vegas, Mexico and New York. I would love to visit Thailand, Duabi and Africa.

If you was coming to my country i’d take you for a visit to London. I’d take you on a rooftop bus and go sightseeing to Buckingham Palace, London  Eye and Big Ben. Once you’d seen London, i’d take you to where i live to experience the countryside and the seaside. I’d also take you to the home of cheddar cheese.



 17.- You and me (Jaime William) are going to play ping pong, I will tell you one word and you will answer with another word that comes to your mind.


Marriage – Commitment

Children – Innocent

Love – Connection

Iran – War

Travel – Memories

Abortion – Choice

Dance – Fun

 Sing – Happy

Europe – Home

America – Disney

Sport – Competition

Money – Opportunity

Parents – Love

Dreams – Passion 

Madness – Music (Baggy trousers)

Percentage – Numbers

Character – Cartoon


 18.- Sarah, your last words or final tips

To anyone struggling with anxiety on their path to pursuing their dreams, know that you are not alone. Your fears and insecurities do not define you, but rather serve as stepping stones towards realizing your fullest potential. Embrace your journey, embrace your imperfections, and know that every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to the realization of your dreams.






Sarah Gemma Kana-ah

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