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Welcome to an exclusive interview with Helmei Manni Ferty! Born in vibrant Indonesia, Helmei has taken the international fashion world by storm with her innate grace and elegance. Now residing in the Netherlands, her career skyrocketed, leading her to the most prestigious runways and establishing her as an iconic figure in the fashion industry. Beyond her success as a model, Helmei is an acclaimed beauty queen, having been crowned Mrs. WOW Universe 2021, a title that highlights her unparalleled beauty and charisma.

Helmei not only impresses with her stunning looks but also with her magnetic presence and dedication to charitable causes. Her journey is a testament to her perseverance and talent, and her influence extends beyond the fashion world, inspiring women globally to pursue their dreams with passion and determination.

In this interview, we will explore her experiences as an international model, her achievements in beauty pageants, and her commitment to female empowerment. Join us as we uncover the story behind the remarkable Helmei Manni Ferty and how she has become a true global inspiration. Don’t miss it!



1.- Helmei, tell me about the city where you were born and raised.,What do you like about your hometown?

I was borned in a small city called Jember on East Java Indonesia, raised by a military family as my father and uncles. My mother is a elementary school teacher. I like my hometown because the people are so kindly and every neighbours like helping each other, We can just asking for a help then they come to help. They are respecting each other from greetings each other when them see on the street until saking hand by asking “how are you” with some smile. They know how to self positioning from the youngest to oldest. The youngest mostly listen to the oldest by taking their wise advice.


2.- What are your hobbies?  what makes you laugh a lot or gives you joy?

My hobbies are gardening, travelling to the new nice places, talking about car design, talking about house architexture, listening to the musics and sometimes sing it along. Seeing nice fashion and beauty styles.

The things that can makes me laugh a lot and joy is if someone has telling me some intelligent jokes, that jokes based on logical statements but they can bring it like it makes some sense by the things happening in daily life. And as I see things is beautiful in colors, shape , or sounds it could make me the most greatfull woman in the wordl that I may have it to experience it.

I like people who can answering even only a small question from another, it make me thing that these people can respecting others.

Its always nice to have attention from another even if it just a little greetings or just a smile.



3.-International Fashion Model, Mrs WOW Universe 2021. When did you decide to take your first steps as a model and beauty pageants? What feeling do you have achieving your dreams, your passions and being a recognized influencer woman today?

The first time I’m deciding to joining model and a beauty pageants was in November 2021 which I got my certificate as Mrs. WOW Universe 2021 on December 2021. Thanks to Adrie van Nieuwenhoff who give me extra motivation to be part of this and as one of the jury member of WOW Pageants also a friend and a coach model for me before.

I feel fascinating and proud that I am as a one – a woman in the world who also have her own beauty, character, own unique that may being introducing herself to the world how and who I am. As a married and a mother I have a chance to give another women a good motivation to letting them show to the world how beauty and unique they are on their own way, we are just a human being. We are beauty in every corner or side of ourself we have our own unique character which make us different from one to another. And we should to accept every variety, every kind of human being because we are made to.  


4.- What do you think is the distinctive, unique stamp of Helmei in each activity carried out as a  beauty queen and model?

Well. As Independence woman and as I am a married woman and a mother its not mean that I have a lot of free time of doing modeling fashion and beauty, it needs to be smart to managing my time of being a model beside as a mother and wife, also time when I have to go to work. So my each time is really usefull. I find The role as a beauty queen is always like an old fashion style, its mean for me that as a woman we need to keep on elegance individual. The manner how we dress up, attitude, and how we talk to respect peoples as human being. Besides, we need to keep our body and mind stay on healthy and fit.



5.- Whats is the main virtue that any woman must have to be an internacional model?

I think the unique character that can show own lable. There are many international model in different size, different height, skin colors, etc.

We are human with mostly have average height and size, so why does always need a very tall people to be as on the runaway for example. So many people borned in imperfection and I see they are also beuty people.


6.- Are you aware of being an influential woman for thousands of girls who want to be models? How important is it to you to be an idol for many girls and teenagers?

As I am aware of being an influential woman I have purpose to motivate another by posting my content on social media to motivate them to explore themselves as a own beauty and such a massage to make them respecting themselves as a woman.


7.- What was your feeling the first time you modeled in front of a video camera? What did you feel the first time at a beauty pageant?

It was very exciting, a bit nervous because all eyes is directing on myself full of curious, like they want to know what I have as a person. Lucky me as I am getting used to see a lot of people everyday at work so its not a thing to much in concern.

I see it as a normal interactive between people in social life.



8.- What do you think about the power of social media today?

Social media has been grown fast and big, it’s a very powerful media communications nowadays, We can find everywhere internet connections easily in every place where people are living, they can find the gadgets easily too. Its also a smart technology and beloved to many many people in all over the world. It is the most fastest way to spreading messeges like some news, information, entertainment, fashion and beauty, etc.


9.- How do you like to interact with your followers on social media? Whats your favorite social media?

By posting my content with some descriptions to mention and reacting them back also.

Facebook and Instagram is my favorite social media.


10.- What would you advise young people who have talent but do not dare to take the next step? What would you advise parents who do not support their children’s talents?

I would love to explain or telling everything I know and how it works by giving some examples or also let them watching some content and mention someone who has achieved their goals too to motivate them that they are borned with talented.



11.- What important lessons have you learned from the world of fashion and beauty pageants?

That we don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieving the goals. Everything we see and have is beautiful, we just need to be creative on it to make ourself look great.


12.- Helmei, being a model for you has been easy? Were there obstacles?How did you overcome obstacles?

I must confess, Being a model is not easy. Because its true that we need to keep discipline to our time and body&mind. Its not easy that people trust you that you’re the perfect one. Meanwhile, a model is not always a perfect human being. My experience was that I lost some friends due to they don’t believe on what I reached. It’s a saying that people comes and go, so always being prepare to be alone. Even the love one, they could leave us by dyeing or physically leaving.  


13.- Have you thought about being an actress? Do you like the entertainment industry?

At this moment I would love to take the chance. Because Im dynamic person and love to learn everything new in life. So Im busy on it already and waiting for the chance. It seems exciting.



14.- Worldwide, women have acquired a greater role even though there are societies where they are still abused. What is your opinion of the role of women in the future in these societies?

Honestly, I’ve experienced myself on this situation. There are two kind abusive, mentally and physically. As a woman we need to be realized that we are made to be a mother. Mother does teaching their children for life, a protector to their children, also with all her love bringing up their children to be an independence human being.

So as a woman we have to be more smart in these chase, if you got physically abusive There’s some safely department build all already sinds in century ago like a police department where you can call as first time this happen. If you got mentally abusive you can not only police department to call as first but also doctor. They can help you to find a good way to solve safely.

I am not embarrassing to share this because in all over the world these happen a lot more, only the mostly choose by keeping silence.

We are human being, man and woman is equal.


15.- Helmei, what is your motivation and what do you feel grateful for every day?

Everyday motivation is I learn things and doing to make my dreams come true. I live based on my dream. When I was a child I dream to visit Europe due to comic books about some stories like “Versailles”. I love to see the great ancient castle architexture and how the people get dressed on that comic book. I made some draws about it almost everyday, And finally it takes 28 years finally I can live and enjoying Europe.

So I am grateful to this that my pray is being heard and my dreams come true.

Yet I still dreaming about nice life forward. With my beloved family.

I believe every people borned to achieve their life mission.



16.- Helmei, Do you like to travel? What countries do you know? What other countries would you like to know and which places do you recommend to visit from your country?

I love to travel, you’ll learn new people, culture, geographic, the beuty differences between one country to another. I know part of Europe, Part os Asian. Yet I still have no chance to come to America, Australia and Africa. That some of country I still need to visit one day..

I can not exactlygive recommendation to others because they have their own will and passion to visit another country if I may saying it.  


17.- Helmei, your last words or final tips

 We are human, some borned as a rich some is a poor, some is tall some is short, women and men are equal they’re borned to helping each other to fulfilling each other to continuing generations, That is destiny of being a human. There is always an answer/s to every question. So being kind to other is not difficult. Life is being more difficult, let’s make the life easier by helping each other and respecting each other.

Believe in your dream and make it come true by keep working on it.





Helmei Manni Ferty

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