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You can read it in Spanish right here – click : RoomVa Perú : La primera App para reservar hoteles – Turismo




It has happened to me that at the last minute I had to fly to different destinations and you do not always carry your contact list handy.

It happened to me that the place where I stayed the last time the prices had risen and the attention was different.

Is the budget you have now less? Yes, it has happened to me, too. Do not know how safe is the area where you are going to spend your vacation? , Is the question I always ask myself, prevention is very important.

For a person traveling, for work or to know new cultures, the theme of lodging, staying overnight, is sometimes a stressful job.

Traditional search engines and web pages do not go to the grain, price, offers and / or exact location. It seems that in my case I will not have to wait much longer, if your goal is to take a tour of Lima – Peru, I recommend RoomVa the first mobile application to find the lodging you want, features and photos; A very friendly application with which you can book and contact the hotel of your choice at the same time you need it.

RoomVa is a concept that emerged in 2013 and its target audience are couples looking for a hotel in the same city and with very little anticipation.

Unlike the best-known search engines like Kayak, Booking or Expedia, RoomVa caters to those looking for that small budget hotel to spend an evening together and with privacy. The central point is to be able to freely choose the best alternative and to be able to do it at the same time. For young people, this is a choice that is given without having planned anything; And RoomVa plays an important role to give them all the information they need in the palm of your hand with applications or the mobile web.



RoomVa Perú App



With the help of partners and advisors in Chicago, USA and the leadership of its founders Diego Santa Maria and Mauricio Paiva, RoomVa was launched in September 2013. During 2014 they published applications for Android and iOS. The success is reflected in each of the reservations obtained for all its associated hotels. At present, there are almost 50,000 community members who actively seek out hotels in Lima and the number grows every day.

There is no pretext now, if you are looking for a hotel in Lima at the moment, with this app you will find the best hotels and hostels, not only its location and prices but also the wonderful rooms that each have. Honeymoon, rest, relax, tourism, work, whatever the reason you have at hand. To enjoy, and be aware that the offerings are varied, for all tastes. Surprise yourself and surprise your partner, instant reservations.

Do you tell me your experience?



RoomVa Perú App






RoomVa: Peruvian App for Reservations Hotels and Lodges in Peru, is a translation of the original publication in Spanish RoomVa Perú : La primera App para reservar hoteles – Turismo, created on January 23, 2015 by Jaime William and PMD PeruMira Digital. You can read it here in Spanish, the link is at the beginning of the post.

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