FREE Press Releases

FREE Press Releases
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In order for your project to obtain greater visibility, Perumira Global Talent has opened the possibility for you to publish your Free Press Release in English-speaking countries, for which you must strictly comply with the following parameters:



  1. Write your press release in word or pdf to our email :
  2. Minimum of 1000 words including spaces.
  3. Maximum of 5000 words including spaces.
  4. Original content. Must not be published in any other media. This will be verified with anti-plagiarism systems.
  5. One or two photos 1800 x 1800 pxls.
  6. Maximum 2 links are allowed.
  7. Once published you must spread the link to our site with your press release in at least 01 social network.
  8. We also accept infographics or power points (always original).
  9. Tagging us on networks such as Instagram – Facebook – Twitter or TikTok will be appreciated.


Projects or Themes :

Perumira does not accept content related to politics, sports or animals. The projects or niches accepted are:

  1. Fashion World (Models, Agencies, Shows).
  2. Marketing
  3. Mental Health
  4. Digital Education
  5. Languages (Teachers or Schools)
  6. Free or Paid Courses (We can be your affiliates)
  7. Digital SMEs (No Markets)
  8. Tourism – Visas
  9. History
  10. Questions for other topics in the email


Events, Biographies of people related to the above mentioned topics are allowed, as well as Holidays of your town, city, region or country!!!!

Contests or Prizes to be held or already completed with 1 or 2 original photos are also allowed, as well as the text.



We will remove and label as SPAM or FRAUD any Press Release copied, repeated, seen in other media some time later or that makes exaggerated self-promotion of their services. 

The spam record of the site will be checked!!!!

Press releases that allude to violence, use of weapons or discrimination of any kind are not allowed.

If the site is an ecommerce site it must have a discount coupon with the word PERUMIRA!!!!